For all your head slicing, and Chainsaw wielding fun.

Jason, Freddy, Micheal, & Leatherface

Just The Facts

  1. There Awesome.
  2. 80's was the golden age.
  3. Now its just remakes.

Jason Voorhees


Jason was a mentaly handycaped child pushed off into crystal lake and drowend becouse the counselors werent paying atention. a year or 2 later he mother, Pamela Voorhees, came to Camp Crystal Lake and killed many of the camp counselors. Many years later Jason came back following in the footsteps of his mother killing many camp counsolers. Finaly Jason was killed by Tommy Jarvis, and a few years later an imposter went to a halfway house and killed a few workers and patients. A few more years later Jason was brought back to life and killed many, after he was traped in Crystal Lake he was released and killed a few people but was defeated by a girl with telecanesis, then after getting abord a ship to new york he is victom to toxic waste and reverted to a child, but that didnt last for long when he returned to Crystal lake just to be traped and blown up, but in the explosion he was able to transfor bodies though demon larva. After all of this the goverment captured him and tried killing him every way possable, so they deside to freeze him, but it goes wrong and a girl becomes frozen with him, then 447 years in the future a bunch of explorors find the two and are able to ring the two to life when jason kill even more passengers abored the ship then being sent back to earth so fast breaking the time berior going back to 2002 and finaly resting for the second time. Then Freddy in an attempt to get his power back tricks Jason into helping him get his powers back, and after an epic battle Jason defeats Freddy and returnes.


Freddy Krueger


Freddy's physical appearance has remained largely consistent throughout the film series, although some tweaks occasionally occur. He wears a striped red and green sweater, a dark brown fedora, his bladed glove (see below), old trousers, and worn working boots, keeping with his blue collar background. His skin is scarred and burned as a result of being burned alive by the parents of Springwood, and he has no hair at all on his head as it was presumably all burned off. For reasons never elaborated on, his blood is occasionally a dark, oily color, or greenish in hue. In the original film, Freddy remains in the shadows and under lower light much longer than he does in the later pictures. In the second film, there are some scenes where Freddy is shown without his glove, and instead with the blades protruding from the tips of his fingers. As the films began to emphasize the comedic, wise cracking aspect of the character, he began to don various costumes and take on other forms, such as dressing as a waiter or wearing a Superman inspired version of his sweater with a cape (The Dream Child), appearing as a video game sprite (Freddy's Dead), or a giant snake like creature (Dream Warriors).In New Nightmare, his appearance is updated considerably, giving him leather pants, tall boots, a green fedora matching his sweater stripes, and a long trench coat. He also goes without his hat numerous times in the film.Images released from the upcoming remake of the film appear to depict a Freddy with even more disfiguring burns than his original incarnation, with portions of his face missing and his features slightly more misshapen.




Thomas Hewitt is the main killer of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake series. He was born in a slaughterhouse and left to die in a dumpster. He was discovered by Luda Mae Hewitt while she was searching for food to feed her poor family and she took him home to raise. It was soon discovered that Thomas had a degenerative facial disease that discolored his skin and rotted off his nose. Due to this disease Thomas was treated badly by his peers, which may have caused his reclusiveness lack of emotion in the series. It was revealed that Thomas was also self-mutilatory and made masks out of animals as a young child.Thomas would later take employment in the local Slaughterhouse (which was, ironically, where he was born), hiding his disfigurement with a small muzzle mask. After the slaughterhouse was condemned, his boss and another employee attempted to drive him out, insulting him by calling him a "dumb animal" and a "retard." Acting on a long-burning rage, Thomas beat and killed his boss with a sledgehammer and stole a chainsaw which would become his iconic weapon. After his Uncle Charlie assumed the identity of the local sheriff, Thomas would began torturing and butchering the victims that Charlie would usually spot and at times kidnap. After torturing and killing one victim, Thomas skinned his face and used the skin as a mask, another trademark that earned him the moniker, "Leatherface."


Micheal Myers


Michael Myers was raised in the small, mid-west town of Haddonfield, Illinois. At age 6 (in the original film) Michael murdered his oldest sister, Judith, on Halloween night. It was always unknown why he killed her; or why he spared his baby sister... After being locked up in Smith's Grove Mental Hospital, Michael escapes on October 30 and heads home to Haddonfield. At least, that's where his psychologist, Dr. Sam Loomis, assumes he is going. Michael, who is now 21, returns home and bides his time. That night he tracks down his baby sister, Laurie Strode (who has been adopted and is oblivious to her violent roots) and proceeds to murder two of her friends. He pursues her that entire night (which continues on in Halloween II), but fails to kill her. Over the next twenty-four years, Michael kills and kills, believing that his sister Laurie died in a car accident. He even kills his niece, any person who is attached the Myers/Strode families, and anyone who stands in his way. He finally realizes Laurie isn't dead and catches up with her on the twentieth anniversary of their original encounter (Halloween: H20). Laurie escapes that event under the impression she's finished her brother...until four years later, when he catches up with and kills her. It is unknown what became of Michael after Halloween: Resurrection.