Estonia, or Land of Awesome, is a country in Europe. That's all you need to know pretty much.

Here's a ugly and lazily photoshopped picture to prove it!

Just The Facts

  1. Estonia is often mistaken for Latvia, the land of six-fingered "humans".
  2. No business in Estonia ever goes under. Ever. Exept smithery of course.
  3. Awesome is eatable in Estonia. It tastes like boobs, guns and explosions.

History of Estonia

Estonia started out as a barbaric country. And if you know anything about barbars, they are really scary.

After some time, joy-breakers from Germany got us all drink swell, warm German beer. We resisted, but lost.

After some time in 1918 we finally got our independence and fought against Russia. The Soviet Russia.

And we won. Now that's hardcore. With our new republic, we spent time kicking ass and chewing bubblegum about 20 years. Then the Russian bear assaulted and gave us communism, a sexually transmitted terminal disease.

After about 50 years we got angry and got away again. Now we have a new union, the European Union.

Cuisine of Estonia

We eat babies and drink beer mixed with vodka. What do YOU eat, weakling?

Of course this picture has been manipulated by evil peeps. We usually drape the child in blood before we eat the sandwich.

How to get to Estonia

Go to your home. Find the nearest chair. Spin really fast and try not to barf. When you have spinned fast enough, smoke some weed, Then drink a lot of booze of your own choise and after all of that, go to sleep.

When you wake up, you are in Estonia! Congrats!

Try our vodka and try not to puke your intestines out of your nose!