Cro Cop

Mark Filipovic AKA cro cop. Part MMA fighter, Part Anti terrorist commando and part Politician. This man is pure awesome incarnate. I now present to you CRO COP.

You're having Van Dam flashbacks... i know it.


Just The Facts

  1. Cro Cop kicks people in the face for a living.
  2. Prior to kicking people in the face for a living, he was in an elite anti terror squad in Croatia
  3. Post kicking people in the face for a living he tried his hands at politics.

Face kicks, terrorist beatdowns and politics.

Cro Cop is a man of many talents, lets begin with his first love, stopping terrorist from annihilating Croatia. Cro Cop was part of an elite anti-terrorist unit in his home country where he spent six years training and containing various terrorist plots to annihilate Croatia. The illustrious group ATL Lucko was one of the units fighting during the Croation war of independance during the early nineties so you can imagine some tough as shit stuff went down during the course of Cro Cops duty, and just to add to the intensity of spending his days defending his home country with hot lead barrelling out of an automatic weapon, he used his spare time to fight in an amatuer boxing league where his record was phenomenal.

He joined the k1 league where he pretty much fed people hot steamy bowls of beatdown with his two legs as serving utensils. The guys kicks were so phenomanal it was came to be known that a right kick from cro cop would send you to the hospital and a left kick would send you to the cemetary. It was in the K1 league where cro cop doled out the most delicious bowl of smackdown ever served in this writers honest opinion where whilst fighting Bob the beast sapp, he delivered a punch that rendered dole crying on the ground cupping his eye like a little girl who had been stung by a wasp.

Eventually Cro Cop got sick of beating people to a bloody unrecognisable pulp so he decided to go home and try his hand at politics, and he didnt do to bad a job parading for the rights and benefits of Croatian policemen. It was also at the same time where a croatian soccer teame decided to join him up... thats right ontop of helping govern his nation, he was playing soccer. He returned to MMA later to dole out more smackdown.