Mustard Tiger

Season 7, Episode 5 of Trailer Park Boys was entitled The Mustard Tiger and it features the best line of all time when Bubbles refers to Phil Collins as the Mustard Tiger due to him having a mustard stain on a T-shirt with a picture of a Tiger on it.

Phil and Randy share a genuine friendship probably due to the fact they both like cheeseburgers and have huge guts

Ricky refers to Phil as a

Just The Facts

  1. Philadelphia "Phil" Collins is known mostly for his huge gut.
  2. Phil is also known for selling mackerel and blueberries out of the trunk of his car in various liquor store parking lots around Sunnyvale Trailer Park.
  3. In Season seven he and Randy opened a cheeseburger restaurant named the Dirty Burger that they ran out of Losco's RV.

Philidelphia? Looks like he ate Philidelphia

This is quite simply one of the funniest things I have ever seen on what is a very funny show. I don't know if it's because a Mustard Tiger is such a random phrase or the fact that he freaks out over it and tries to hit Ricky with a ladder.

Phil Collins was one of the best recurring characters on the show. Check out the best of Phil Collins below: