A headsplosion is one of cinema's most effective ways to get the audience's attention.

Just The Facts

  1. Headsplosions are, well, an exploding head.
  2. Headsplosions can catapault a shitty movie into classic status.
  3. Headsplosions are the only way to kill zombies. Zombie association makes it even cooler.

Cracked on Headsplosions

Nothing makes a movie more watchable than a headsplosion. Several incredibly shitty movies have been made notable by including a melon-like bursting of brain matter and skull fragments that is a headsplosion. Below you will find a list of some of cinemas greatest headsplosions, and some headsplosion-heavy games.

George A Romero made headsplosion history when he introduced the idea of the Zombie headshot in 1968's Night of the Living Dead. 10 years later, he showed how to do it right in the opening moments of Dawn of the Dead. Tom Savini showed us that food coloring, some condoms and some firecrackers (that's what he used, right?) could mimic a volcanic eruption of skull fragments and brain-goo. And we are forever in his debt for it.

The birth of a legend.

Since then, headsplosions have been used for cheap thrills in countless movies, and more recently, some video games have shown us that film is not the only medium for excellent headsplosions. The new Wolfenstein game features some of the best headsplosions this side of a horror movie. Just get the "Large bore" upgrade for the sniper rifle as soon as you can, and let the popping begin. (it also severs limbs, but that is an entirely different genre)