Metalocalypse was created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha in 2006. Since then it has gained a very large following and is one of the greatest (and most brutal) original Adult Swim shows.

Just The Facts

  1. Metalocalypse is basically a parody of the metal culture and metal in general.
  2. You do not sound like Nathan Explosion. Stop trying. Seriously.
  3. Instead of the standard censor beeps, this show uses power chords to drown out the sound of vulgarities.
  4. Dr. Rockzo does cocaine.
  5. BRUTAL!!!


The story of Metalocalypse revolves around the Death Metal band Dethklok, who are ranked as the seventh largest economy on Earth, surpassing Belgium. Belgium! Anyway, as you can imagine they have an amount of popularity and wealth beyond human comprehension, and have an exteremly large, dedicated fanbase whom Dethklok hate very much (this is noted in the lyrics of their hit "Fansong"). Dethklok is so rich and powerful that they have their own police force, which allows them to literally get away with murder without repercussion. Of course, the members of Dethklok are too retarted to realize that they are doing anything illegal in the first place. Being as ignorant as they are, they tend to cause death and destruction wherever they go, even to perform the simple task of grocery shopping. Dethklok concerts are notoriously violent in nature, and fans attending are required to sign "pain waivers" because they are liable for maiming and the more likely event of death. Because of their infamous behavior, they are constantly monitored by the Illuminati-like group called "The Tribunal". Its leader, Mr. Selatcia, belives the misfortune caused by Dethklok is the result of an ancient Sumerian prophecy known as the "Apocolypse of Metal". To keep Dethklok from totally fucking up the status quo, Selatcia devises elaborate infiltration missions in order to gain information on Dethklok and keep them from taking over or destroying the world. General Crozier, the group's military leader, wants to kill the members of Dethklok, but Mr. Selatcia refuses to let him do so. Because all of his infiltration attempts went so well.

Main Characters

Before we become aquainted with the main characters, let's view this handy comparitive chart:

Now that we've compaerd the characters to their real-life counterparts, let's take a deeper look into the main cast.

Nathan Explosion

Nathan Explosion is the lead singer and self-proclaimed "lyrical visionary" of Dethklok. His voice is a deep, gravelly tone, even when he isn't singing (he sings in a dark, satanic, screaming tone). Since his fans frequently piss him off, he drinks to the point where he needs constant liver transplants. His favorite slang term would probably be the word "BRUTAL!!" as that is how he uses to describe items of his interest, a close second being "metal". He is portrayed as a tall, strong, bulky figure, but he is actually quite fat. He is voiced by Brendon Small, Dethklok's real-life frontman.

Skwisgaar Skwigelf

Skwisgaar is Dethklok's lead guitarist. Hailing from Sweden, he has a hard time conjugating verbs, and often pluralizes most of his English vocabulary. He's "a handsome guy who thinks he's the greatest thing in the world" with his long blonde hair and his slender blue eyes. He writes all of the lead guitar and Bass lines, and even scraps and re-records the rhythm guitar lines, much to the dismay of Toki. He uses a Gibson Explorer, and plays it pretty much wherever he goes, even in the hot tub. He is also voiced by Small.

Toki Wartooth

Toki is Dethklok's rhythm guitarist and occaisionally plays the keyboard. Dethklok is Toki's first band, and Dethklok adopted him as their own after their first rhythm guitarist tragically died or moved or something. As you can see, he has a sweet Fu Manchu, and the second-coolest facial har in the band. He plays a Gibson Flying V with the playing style similar to that of Iron Maiden. He looks up to Skwisgaar, but everyone thinks Toki lives in Skwisgaar's shadow, including Toki. Just like Skwisgaar, he pluralizes much of his vocab and has pale blue eyes and long hair. Being the youngest, he's ripped and is the healthiest member physically, although he has a serious sweet tooth. People like him because of his childlike innocence (until he goes apeshit and starts kicking ass). He's voiced by Tommy Blacha.

Pickles the Drummer

Pickles is... well, Dethklok's drummer. He's an Irish-American from Wisconsin and speaks with a Yooper dialect. He braided his long, red hair and turned it into a sweet dreadlock comb-over and has an average build with a slight beer belly. He also has the coolest facial hair in the band. Pickles used to be in a band prior to Dethklok called Snakes and Barrels, but after that band broke up the original members became drugged-out has-beens and Pickles enjoyed his success with Dethklok. He's done every drug known to man, so alchohol and hard drugs have little-to-no effect on him. He's voiced by Small.

William Murderface

Murderface is Dethklok's bassist, and therefore the most underappreciated member of the band. Women (and all people in general) find Murderface repulsive, as he is a total dick. He also has a heavy lateral lisp and a diastema. When he was a child, Murderface's dad chopped up his mother and turned the chainsaw on himself in a bloody murder-suicide when he was a baby, leaving his annoying grandparents to raise him. He hates his grandfather in particular because he's a parapeligic who wishes God would just kill him already. He hates himself more than he hates everyone else, but he's actually a sensitive guy, yet whenever people start to show him some sympathy, he reverts back into dick mode and pushes people away. He plays a Gibson Thunderbird Studio 5-String, occaisionally with his penis, which causes cuts and bruises due to the thickness of the strings and all. He's probably the stupidest of all of the Dethklok members, but has somehow managed to pull off a successful side project called Planet Piss. Murderface is voiced by Tommy Blacha.

The Manager, lawyer and Cheif Financial Officer of Dethklok, Charles Ofdensen is the one person who keeps the band functioning properly. He operates in an understated, professional, businessman-like manner. He's incredibly patient while dealing with Dethklok despite their ignorance and immaturity. Don't let his appearance fool you, though; Ol' Charles is just as prone to violence as Dethklok is, if not more so. He give specific orders to torture, maim, assault and even kill those in Dethklok's way without so much as a second thought, and he sometimes carries his own orders out himself when others are unable to do so (particularly because they are dead). Members thought Ofdensen died at the end of Season 2, but somehow came back to life after being pronounced dead at the scene. He's voiced by Brendon Small.

The Tribunal

The Tribunal, as mentioned above, are Illumni-style group that monitors nearly every move Dethklok makes. It's comprised of Mr. Selatcia, voiced by Mark Hamill (yes, the Mark Hamill); Gen. Crozier, voiced by Victor Brandt; Senator Stampington, also voiced by Hamill; Cardinal Ravenwood, voiced by Small; and Victor Orlaag, voiced by Malcom McDowell (not pictured, but he has a beard that makes him look like Rasputin). It's also comprised of other nameless members or members with ridiculously long and complicated names. Crozier is the main villain in Season 1, but does not interfere as much in Season 2. In Season 3, however, it seems that he finally puts his 4-Star General...ness to use and starts fortifying the U.S. Military for a full-scale assault on Dethklok.

Backround Characters

These characters aren't as important to the main storyline, but still pretty damn funny.

Dr. Rockzo

Dr.Rockzo is a rock 'n roll clown who does cocaine, and he'll proudly declare this fact at any given opportunity. In one episode, he admits to also huff paint, use crystal meth, heroin, prescription painkillers, and Oxy and proclaimed, "I do it all, baby!". His real name is Leo Rockenstein, which he reveals when he becomes sober (more on that later). Rockzo became the lead singer of the band Zazz Blammymatazz, a party-metal band named after the lead guitarist. They quickly became wealthy and famous, but Rockzo insisted on being paid in coke, leading to his firing. After a brief stint as a solo artist, he became a clown-for-hire for birthday parties. He talks in an annoying, high pitched voice that everyone on the show can't stand except for Toki, who eventually befriends him. He wears a tight-fitting unitard that exposes most of his body, and he even said this was what banned him from MTV "because you could see [his] junk... through [his] jumpsuit". Along with the unitard, he wears a bright police cap, KISS-like makeup and a spikey rubber ball for a clown nose. Though the color of his outfit changes from episode to episode, you can always bet on it being very flourescent. Toki accepts him, but the rest of the band hates him, Murderface in particular because Rockzo innapropriately groped him in one point in the 1st Season, which leads us to believe that Dr. Rockzo is Bi-sexual. It's evident that Dethklok hates him because they order their Kloakateers (see below) to beat him on several occasions. He became sober for the SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Rock And Roll Show, but after he found a confiscated stash of cocaine, he was, as he put it, "B-B-B-BACK, BABY!!!"

He seems to parody every frontman of the '80s metal era, including Paul Stanley, Axl Rose and Bret Michaels, but the producers eventually decided he be based on David Lee Roth. Fans tend to favor him, as shown in this funny (and simultaneously creepy) fan tribute:

Yeah, well... with that image implanted into our memories, he's voiced by Tommy Blacha (talking) and Brendon Small (singing).


Jean-Pierre, before (left) and after (not left) the accident

Jean-Pierre is Dethklok's stereotypical French chef. In the pilot episode, Jean-Pierre is strapped to a rocket and flown directly into the Dethcopter and is sliced into pieces by its rotor blades. Since they can't even grocery shop properly, as stated above, they decided to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again using a complex, state-of-the-art machine. Of course, they were too incompetent to use it, so they decided to sew him back together themselves. As you could imagine, they did so very shittily, thus inspiring the lyrics for the new song "Sewn Back Together Wrong". Although some of his body parts are sewn on backwards, this didn't affect his ability to cook, and continues to make gourmet meals for his beloved Dethklok. In the episode "Birthdayface", Murderface asks Jean-Pierre to make him a birthday cake that's "Totally Metal". Pierre took this request literally and baked it with Mercury. One of the invited guests, The Queen of Denmark (voiced by guest star Kirk Hammet of Metallica), took a bite out of said cake, and died instantly of Mercury Poisoning, throwing up flesh, internal organs and all.


The Kloakateers are Dethklok's loyal servants. They always fulfil Dethklok's orders, no matter how outrageous they may seem. As you can see above, their uniforms resemble that of an executioner. They are the ultimate roadies and most serve as guards or as Dethklok's personal police force. They are quite loyal to the band, and refer to the individual members as "lord" or "master". They die as often as anyone else that comes into contact with Dethklok, and most die before they even become official Kloakateers. Whenever a Kloakateer dies, his corpse is dropped into the sewer, just like any other Kloakateer, and it's stuffed to the point of clogging. This dissapoints the local health inspector, but is assured that it's acceptable under Dethklok's terms because extremely depressing and dangerous working conditions are metal.

Most Kloakateers are unnamed, and are referred to by numeric designation. However, one stands out from the rest: Kloakateer # 216, the midget with a diamond encrusted, titanium based cockpiece which he won from Murderface in a company raffle.

Face Bones

Face Bones is Dethklok's mascot, much like Eddie from Iron Maiden or Megadeth's Vic Rattlehead. As you can clearly see, he's just a floating skull, complete with screws, spikes and flesh emitting form his head. He is also glowing. He speaks in a high-pitched tone, but his voice deepens at the end of his speeches. In Dethklok's live shows, he sometimes appears on a large projected screen, sometimes giving fans Pop Up Video-esque trivia.

Snakes 'N' Barrels (Later known as Snakes 'N' Barrels II)

The Original SNB, before Pickles left for Dethklok.

Snakes 'N' Barrels were an '80s Hair Metal band fronted by Pickles. But after some differences, Pickles became famous with Dethklok and left the remaining members of SNB to tread into a downward spiral of drug abuse and obscurity. Years later, SNB reunited. Pickles looked young as always, but the other members... not so much. But they were sober! Anyway, in a plot to erase Pickles' mind, The Tribunal created the most powerful drug ever created: Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake. The members of SNB gave their most brutal performance ever and went batshit due to the drug, except for Pickles, who was immune to it after years of drug and alchohol abuse. After that concert, the other members of Dethklok gained a newfound respect for SNB, and called thier album "The most brutal album ever made".

A year later, SNB reunited again! But this time, they didn't even mention it to Pickles. They instead carried on with his replacement, Rikki Kixx (parody of Motley Crue guitarist Nikki Sixx), the man who helped SNB get sober. This pisses Pickles off, and he decides to give Kixx a piece of his mind. Pickles travles to the SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock And Roll Show, the same show which Dr. Rockzo later crashes, thus causing major violence and substance abuse. Through all the commotion, Pickles runs over to Rikki Kixx where he royally kicks the shit out of him. The band itself is a parody of Guns 'N Roses, if you didn't quite catch on.

There are many other worthy backround characters, but the above are the stars that shine the brightest.

Notable Episodes

While most would agree that every episode, even the mediocre ones (if they even exist), are some of the funniest and awesomest things they have ever seen, these ones really stand out from the rest.

The Curse of Dethklok (ep 1, Season 1)

After Dethklok's chef is sliced into bits at a Duncan Hills Coffee-sponsored concert, the band has to figure out how to make it's own food.

Songs Performed: Duncan Hills Coffe Jingle; Sewn Back Together Wrong

Birthdayface (ep 3, Season 1)

Murderface's birthday is coming up, so they decide to get him something special: nothing

Guest Voices: James Hetfield and Kirk Hammet of Metallica

Dethtroll (ep 4, Season 1)

Dethklok plays in Finland and summons a 50 foot demon by including Necromantic spells in their lyrics.

Guest Voices: James Hetfield, Kirk Hammet

Songs Performed: Awaken Mustskrakish; Deth Metal Lullaby

Murdering Outside the Box (ep 5, Season 1)

Dethklok's annual "Employee Conference Conference and Raffle" comes up. The grand prize: Murderface's diamond encrusted cockpiece.

Song Performed: Briefcase Full of Guts

Dethkomedy (ep 6, Season 1)

Dethklok learns how to perform stand up comedy. Everyone prevails except Pickles, who takes lessons from Lorkey the Sailor (Guest star James Hetfield), who teaches him that Comedy is all about embraceing the hate. Lorkey commits suicide during the credits for shits 'n giggles.

Song performed: Hatredy

Fatklok (ep 11, Season 1)

The band does a shit load of charity work, and even adopt a son. A fat, lazy, annoying son, who's incapable of a human speech pattern and squeals like a pig. Despite all of this, Dethklok begins to form a bond with the little shit and grow to love him.

Song Performed: Dethharmonic

Go Forth and Die (ep 13, Season 1)

Nathan attempts to earn his GED while Murderface appears on a celebrity spelling bee.

Guest Voices: George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher; King Diamond

Song Performed: Go Forth and Die [zing!]

Bluesklok (ep 14, Season 1)

Dethklok spirals deep into depression, so they head to Mississippi for some reason.

Guests: Corpsegrinder and King Diamond

Song Performed: Murdertrain a Comin'

Dethklown (ep 17, Season 1)

Toki becomesbest friends with Dr, Rockzo, but the rest of Dethklok isn't so thrilled. Little did they know that The Tribunal was watching them..

Sond Performed: I'm Dr. Rockzo and I do Cocaine

Dethecution (ep 1, Season 2)

After keeping out of the public eye for awhile, Dethklok plans a concert in which they execute prisoners on Death Row.

Guests: Silenoz of Dimmu Borgir, James Hetfield, Mike Keneally

Song: Laser Cannon Deth Sentence

Dethlessons (ep 2, Season 2)

Toki is tired of being seen in Skwisgaar's shadow, so he takes lessons from a crusty old guitar master. Later, Murderface teaches Nathan and Pickles how to be a dick.

Song: I Tamper With the Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin

Dethvengeance (ep 3, Season 2)

Dethklok learns how to record audio on water, the purest of analof formats. Meanwhile, a young fan is arrested by Dethklok police for downloading their songs illegally and is tortured for it.

Guests: Corpsegrinder, Malcom McDowall, Mike Keneally

Song: Burn the Earth

Dethdoubles (ep 4, Season 2)

After yet another public bloodbath, Ofdensen hires doubles to make public appearances, but Dethklok pals around with them because they look just like them. The doubles turn out to be working for the Tribunal, but they are melted by an erupting volcano. They survive, and Dethklok says their goodbyes the only way they know how... by having Murderface blow their faces off with his trusty sawed-off shotgun.

Song: Volcano

Dethgov (ep 10, Season 2)

The governor of Florida is murdered by pissed off Dethklok fans after belittling Nathan Explosion, and Nathan is elected governor. He sends the state into a downward spiral from which it never recovers.

Guest: Richard Christy

Song: Impeach God

Klokblocked (ep 13, Season 2)

Nathan learns that his ex, although in a coma, is dating a new man, which inspires Nathan to return to the dating scene, but the rest of Dethklok befriends his new girlfriend and never gives them time alone.

Guest: Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy

Song: Klokblocked [See, they did it again!]

Dethdad (ep 15, Season 2)

Toki gets news that his abusive father is dying of cancer ("The bigs K", as Skwisgaar calls it), and Toki makes the trip to Norway. The rest of the band tags along to delay the release of their new album. You know, because they're pricks like that. Anyway, Toki's dad dies at the end of the episode due to the rest of Dethklok dicking around with fireworks.

Tributeklok (ep 2, Season 3)

Dethklok joins a tribute band after a series of public relations disasters. This way, they can all get in touch with their roots while being a completely unknown band, and as we all know this comes with its own set of problems.

Guests: Slash(GNR, Velvet revolver, Slash's Snakepit); Scott Ian (Anthrax); Joe Satriani (numerous appearances and bands) ; Steve Vai (numerous bands/appearances)

Songs: Tributeklok [OMG there's just no stopping them!], Face Fisted