Spencer Pratt

The biggest douche bag. Spencer is a huge cunt who shock experts on why he's still "famous". So far all we know about him is that he has a flesh colored beard. And he's the only guy to marry a blow up doll. Oh wait Hedi is real well only 10% of her.

Someone pedobear wouldn't go near.

The 2008 model of the Hedi Bot had alot of faults.

Just The Facts

  1. Spencer Pratt is only famous because he married a bigger douche who knew how took keep her 5 minutes of fame.
  2. Is the only guy who upgrades his wife every year.
  3. We all wish Kanye would interupt Pratt and not let him finish. But we don't want to waste Kanye's time.

Where it all started

So one must ask where did this real life troll come from. Where there are many stories that explained this originating as far as the Myans. When their callender predected the begining of the end when MTV would make season three of a Laguna Beach.

Apparently their weren't any sluts avalible for Mtv.

Season 3 was origionally wasn't suppose to be aired due to low ratings (no shit), but Mtv said hey what the fuck and put it on. And of course that's the season Hedi Montag was on as one of the friends of the pretty people we didn't give a eight assed monkey about and got noticed. Mtv like Hedi and were planing to make the Hills with the futuristic blow up doll and her human friends, but they wanted a guy in the gang or no cigar. And that's when Spincer's dumbass walked in.

Did someone say show?!

And because of him deciding to walk in on the final episode of laguna beach. We now have a bitch robot, a douche bag who likes fucking metal, and a show where 40 minutes are spent showing LA, 15 minutes used for people staring at each other without saying anything while the rest is just random shit.

Everything he has ever done while he's been in the "spotlight".

Lets be honest Spencer Pratt hasn't really done shit so can't give him any props at all. And when does something he's a complete dildo that nobody would want up their real or fake vagina, but lets give him a little respect and show at least all of his achivements.

2006: The Hills starts, too much of a dick to show up so he isn't a main character.

Purchases HediBot 2006 model hates it.

2007 finally decides to show up becomes main character on the Hills.

Upgrades his fuckbot 2007 model doesn't have smaller faces demands an upgrade.

Microsoft upgrades it to 2008 version. Gives her face tune up and bigger tits. Spencer still not satisfied.

Apple trys to succed where Microsoft failed. The 2009 model give her a thinner face and bigger tits and just in case new ass. Spencer takes out for test drive.

2009 I'm a celebrity get me out of here: Realizes that American wants them to fuck off blames it on Hedi Bot 2009 version now with bitch chip. Sends her to get upgrade.

Makes book with robot wife how to be famous. Ironically they aren't famous tries to premote Harvey Levin and TMZ, and other more famous people they never met as a plan to get their book selling. Epic Fail.

Harvey and his cup says, "Hell no."

Apple and Microsoft team up together to do the impossible make the perfect fuck doll 3.000 2010 version. They make her more barbie doll like, D cup sized tits, new Dastardly eyebrows, and a mute button that's broken on singing off. Spencer and the world approves.

Yes I aprrove!

How much the world hates them.

Incase they are looking at this here is a bunch of shit on why we hate you.

Tosh hates you, and he has the only good tv show about the internetz


A random Austrailian kid with sun glasses on for no reason agrees your wife's singing does. (Which it does.)


Youtube thinks you suck


Big foot's pissed you stole his look. It took him yearsssssssssssss to perfect it!

You only help other's if the paparazzi get's involved which you said in your book!

Your wasting medical masks for the poor people who can't afford them. Because you and your wife buy them all up even though you both already caught everything. Prostitutes even stay away from you!

Then you pussy have the balls to waste 30 seconds of famous people who don't even know who the fuck you are just to get a pic with them.

That's what we want to know too.

Spencer it's safe to say that you should have your carrer jump off the cliff so we never see you again. You annoy the shit out of us and we wish you'd just drop dead, but until them we are curently working on a cure to get rid of you. And we are trying to find John Conar to terminate your wife that skynet sent from the future.