Fuck My Life

"Fuck My Life", or more commonly known as "FML" is a universal acronym used by unappreciative, melodramatic teenagers who believe they have the worst, most unsatisfying life in the world (often due to their own actions) when in truth they do not.

Just The Facts

  1. If someone told you to "Fuck Their Life" before 2007, you might abide, but not without severe befuddlement. Who knew that just 2 years later there would be an entire website devoted to everyday anecdotes and stories of people getting fired/dying their pubes the wrong color/being vomitted on/etc.
  2. Only 20% of the world's population claims to be "unsatisfied" with the use of this phrase. Seriously, that's a real stat.
  3. Of that 20%, basically all of them are just faking it. They secretly think it's fucking awesome.

FML: The Beginning...

So, where did it all begin?

If you're a fan of the directorial talents of Judd Apatow, then you've most likely seen the 2007 boxoffice hit Superbad. Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, the guy who played Fogell - all very talented actors but the real star of this cinematic masterpeice?

Mr. Joe Nunez.


Note: Not Horatio Sanz

Remember him? Probably not. Maybe this will help.


With his breakout role as "Liquor Store Clerk 2", Nunez delivered those three words with such soul-wrenching agony, such raw emotion that he not only started the anomaly of the 21st century, but also went on to star as "Larry, Hotel Owner" in Seven Pounds, and "Hot Dog Bandit" in Weather Girl.

Also, listen for Nunez as "Boat Captain" in the historical fantasy video game Indiana Jones: Staff of Kings.

There's no biz like show biz.

Why it's Awesome, Not Annoying

"FML" became so popular, a website was created in devotion to it's use in the every day english language. www.fmylife.com receives more than 1.7 million hits every day. The reason for it's success is quite simple; people like reading about other people going through shit. Seriously, the site is the English version of the creators' original website in French, www.viedemerde.fr/, which translates to "life of shit". For example...

Someone like this probably believes there's little chance life could get any worse:

"Today, I learned that as adorable as it might be to watch your cat follow your cursor around the screen, the humor ends when she dives into and breaks the monitor. FML"

until they read this:

"Today, I wanted to take a nice hot relaxing bath. A wasp somehow got in, and stung me on the nuts. FML"

"This is SO going on fmylife.com"

So the next time your dog eats a new pair of shoes, or your neighbour shits on your front lawn because he thinks you stole his newspaper- write it down, stamp it with a big ol' FML and share it with the rest of the world. Chances are you will feel better about your situation because you'll read something like this:

"Today, after two and a half years, my fiance broke off our engagement. Talking to her later today trying to win her over, I accidentally ruined any chance I had of getting back with her. Feeling horrible, I went for a walk to clear my head, and got hit by a van. FML"