In 1999, the word "Freezepop" gained a new meaning. No, (probably)not some depraved sexual innuendo, but the name of a band consisting primarily of robots singing love songs accompanied by gameboy sounds.

Don't get your hopes up. Keytars still don't make you cool.

Just The Facts

  1. Freezepop came up with its name because they felt they sounded "sweet and cold and fruity and plastic-y."
  2. Formed in 1999, they are most popular with college students in their hometown of Boston.
  3. While they may never enjoy mainstream success, Freezepop has made quite a ripple in the underground electronica scene.

Their Sound

Freezepop originally made all their music on a Yamaha QY-70, a MIDI sequencer with very little variety or sound quality. Simply put, all they had in the early days was a piece of shit computer program that made them sound like a gameboy color. As they developed a following and earned some cash, they were able to splurge on a much more expensive way to sound slightly better. Their use of Auto-tuned vocals drenched in reverb over an equally robotic keytar and a sampled repetitive drum beat gives them a swirling, mid-tempo techno vibe that would sound great if you were on ecstacy- or if you were a cyborg from the future.