Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth is an American alternative/no-wave/noise-rock/much-forward-slashed rock back founded in the 1981. The groups influence stems from avant-garde composers, hardcore punk, garage rock and, uh, Nancy Sinatra.

sorry Slash you've been doing it wrong.

Subverting the mainstream, one watermelon at a time.

Just The Facts

  1. A product New York in the 80's, much like breakdancing and Ghostbusters, only without the breakdancing or Ray Parker Jr.
  2. Pioneers in the lo-fi, noise, and experimental jet set thrash no star. Scientists around the clock are working on what this means, exactly.
  3. The cooler older brothers/aunts/uncles you wish you had, but never will, because you are not as cool as them and never will be - and neither will your parents.

Cracked on Sonic Youth

First formed in 1981 as an escape from the pretentious world of art school, Sonic Youth has established themselves as the most pretentious of all art school kids. How pretentious? REM's Michael Stipe not only cites them as a major influence, but worships the ground they walk on. Pioneers in pretty much every sense of the musical field, they helped usher in the magical age known as the early 90's, championing bands like Nirvana and Mudhoney. They are also an example of a band that could never make a dime off their own music, no matter how much they put out or how hard they tried. They are the Jesus Christ of Indie music, who died for Modest Mouse's sins.