Otakon is a mecca for anime lover's and gamers of all ages (read: a Pedo Bear around every corner) held annually in Baltimore's inner harbor. Otakon is notorious for it's unnavigable layout, intense security, and plentiful entertainment

An example of the

Find  the pedophile! (Hint: He's not wearing green)

Just The Facts

  1. Otakon has weird cosplay.
  2. Otakon has weird people
  3. Otakon is just plain WEIRD.

Otakon's effect on Baltimore

Possibly the one thing that differentiates Otakon from any other Anime conventions is the fact that the city of Baltimore goes into a bizzare Limbo between the worlds of the otaku and the normal, bringing unfortunate tourists from Witchitah along with it. Highlights of Otakon 2009 included the Ryuk Cosplayer who couldn't move, and a historic ship being bombarded with One Piece cosplayers.

The Otakon LARP

For thos who don't find D&D hardcore enough, Otakon has the nations largest anime LARP. Imagine, if you will, the largest crossover fanfic clusterf**k, perpetuated by the sheer power of Pocky. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Sample Conversation

Edward Elric: Listen to me Misa, Light isn't Kira. He's been playing you for a fool. You must kill him.

Misa: But if Light isn't Kira, then who is?

Edward: It's Hello Kitty.

Misa: (Rolls for guillibillity) I instantly believe you