The Best Thanksgiving Pies

mmmm pie, (slobber)

all hail my mighty package...i mean pie

Just The Facts

  1. pie is awesome
  2. aliens gave us pie one million years ago
  3. we just learned the secret ingredient(Hint:love with a dash of anal probe)
  4. Male highschool virgins will put their junk in apple pie

Types of pie

Their are literally thousands of types of pies, with millions of combinations to go with them. You have your lemon meringue (which is whipped man gravy with sugar), apple, cherry, chocolate, pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato, chicken pot pie, new york thin crust, and Chicago deep dish, and mud pies. But never forget cream pies if your into them(and i totally mean the ones from Boston... well maybe).

Not pictured: the raging orgy behind it

Best Thanksgiving pie(s)

The best Thanksgiving pies are ones that are made with love, be it homemade, bought, or stolen. actually come to think of it stolen would be the best. honestly the best pie is the pie you like the most(Hint: if you dont know what pie you like i recommend you raid your local pie carring stores and start sampling, if they don't stop you it is legal if you finish the pie without paying)

pictured: sampling pie from local store