The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Possibly the greatest sitcom ever written, it stars Will Smith and six actors who aren't succesful enough to be named in the summary

Dat's tight y'all!

Just The Facts

  1. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air is a television situation comedy that lasted approximately six years
  2. It's a wonder it lasted that long
  3. Seriously, one of the storylines involved Jay Leno suing Will Smith
  4. We're not lying, look it up, we can wait
  5. See?

Cracked on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Following the success (ha ha) of his rap career, Will Smith thought he had it all. When you're that rich, you don't need to pay taxes, surely someone else will do it. WRONG. Majorly in debt to the government, he did the only sensible thing that was available to him. Star in a crummy sitcom about himself. Well, okay, not himself, but the character's called Will Smith. This is possibly because he didn't realise it was a sitcom, and was easily confused when people started calling him something else rather than Will.

"Man, who am I?"

Starting on the mean streets of Philadelphia or "Philly", Will Smith is a normal kid with a rap career and a starring role on a TV show, but all that changes when he gets into a bit of a scrape with the neighbourhood bully, and by scrape, we mean he gets spun around on the guys shoulders (if the opening titles are anything to go by). Mother Smith is worried that her son is going to constantly be attacked and decides to send him to his Uncles house in Bel Air. Oh, did we mention his uncles house is a FREAKIN MANSION? Hell, we're suprised he didn't just ask to move there when he was born! Also living in the mansion is Carlton, Wills cousin. Now, Carlton is played by Alfonso Ribero, and from this point on, you should just assume he is a god amongst men, purely for looking like this:

That's right, he is possibly the whitest black man in the history of everything. Ever. He even dances like a white man, with all the style and rhythm of a constipated ostrich. Please don't ask us how we know what a constipated ostrich looks like, just never search youtube for a demonstration. Trust us.

The basic story of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air is Will growing to be part of the family, after initially being an outcast. The usual soppy nonsense. Unfortunately, the show "jumped the shark" around the fourth season, and started doing a hell of a lot of random storylines that, let's face it, weren't needed.