Team Edward

The team of Twi-tards who think Bella should be with Edward.

Gay he has to be gay.

This is what a real 17 year old man sould look like.

Just The Facts

  1. Team Edward has been around since new moon the book was released.
  2. there is also a Team Jacob that no one seems to be a part of.
  3. If you are with Team Edward then you are most likley a Lesbian.
  4. Stephenie Meyer is the Head of team Edward.

Is this a cult or somthing?

Yes it is,people who join team Edward are psychos who think that one day Edward will climb into their windows and stalk them then begin an abusive relationship with them and and get married to them and have an evil baby that will be just as emo as them one day. But enough about that,the leader of team Edward is the mastermind behind the Twilight series,Stephenie Meyer is also the one that chose to let Edward win this fight and make Jacob a pedo.

The boys.

Edward Cullen and Jacob black both are so different that you would never imagine that the the two could exsist in same room Edward is scrawney and weak looking Jacob is ripped and looks like he could kick your ass by just dreaming about it Edward is so full of chargrin and Jacob never says let alone thinks the word chargrin Edward drives a Volvo and has his sister fix it when it breaks down Jacob drives a volkes wagon and other death machines and fixes them on his own Edward the is a Vampire the girliest movie monster Jacob is a werewolf the ballsiest of all beast in history Edward gets the girl Jacob does not. What the hell went wrong I don't know all I know is Bella picked the fag over the guy who looks like he could bench press a Volvo and and her at the same time,worst thing is twinkle fingers can kick all our asses. Edward is played by Robert Pattinson and Jacob is by Taylor Lautner that should mean somthing.

The girl.

Bella Swan is clumsy and as sure footed as a drunken monkey but for some reason Edward and Jacob can't get enough of her she has a real issue with the word chargrin she also does not see the problem with Edward watching her while she sleeps! Though Kristen Stewart who potrays Bella in the films does and is team Jacob but fuck it Julia Jones is gonna play Leah clearwater in the next film anyway. Ahhhhhh Julia.