Jonas Brothers

What better role models for your teenage daughter than three out of tune virgins.

That about sums it all up.

You wish.

What most Jonas brothers fans look like.

Just The Facts

  1. The little virgins names are Nick,Joe,and Kevin.
  2. People who hate them either hate them because they have no talent or because they have a better chance at getting laid.
  3. They joined the opal ring crusade.

whats the big deal anyway?

The Jonas brothers began the career from Hell with Nick as the catalyst when his first album titaled Nicholas Jonas was released world wide and he became the the world shittyest music artist of all time while most fans thought that his brothers were cuter.So after being beaten up and forced to let his brothers take the spotlight Nick along with his younger brother Kevin became a pretty little prop in the backroundand so was the coming of the jonas brothers the number one wet dream of girls from 11-14 and to make it worse they joined the opal ring crusade wet dreams spread like wild fire.and although most fans are unaware that the brothers play music and are not softcore pornstars they did manage to star in several Disney tv shows,videogames,and movies and got to star in their own show called Jonas they have yet to get laid Damned opal rings.

What have the done for America?

They have introduced many teenagers to the joys of underaged and un-married sex although that is what they set out to stop all in all thats the only good thing they have done, the bad is horrible shitty and fucked up songs about girls they don't want to have sex with but still love,videogames that suck piss through a straw,and make another how to add to the list of Disney of show that make people think they are gay.Not much else can be said they are hopeless idiots who will havve all their "Talent" sucked from them by Disney and will spend the rest of their lives having gary orgys with eachother on the street for money.