Ah urinals, where would we be without them?

That's 3 shakes, you're going to hell.

If that doesn't scare the piss out of you, then I don't know what will.

The sad part is, while you're looking at this urinal cake, he's probably sleeping with your girlfriend

Just The Facts

  1. Urinals are primarily found in Mens Rooms
  2. They're the main reason why you never see huge lines outside of Mens Rooms
  3. That's because you can pee standing up
  4. Although a few female urinals have been developed

Urinals The Source of All Our Fears

Here's just a few different types of urinals, and the psychological effects they'll cause.

Fear of Heights

While some may find this breathtaking, others may find themselves having an anxiety attack, with this view up hundreds of feet above the city.

Feelings of Inadequacy

Fear of musical instruments?