Mad Libs

Mad Libs are unfunny failures of pure fail. Mad Libs consist of a short story where you fill in the blanks. By "blanks" I mean fart jokes, of course.

Typical Madlibs booklet

Typical madlibs user


Just The Facts

  1. Mad Libs isn't funny.
  2. It mainly consists of fart jokes made by fourth graders
  3. According to Mad Libs, yellow aliens can jump cannons at robots.

The usual Mad Libs story (words in the blanks are in capital letters)

Once there was a STINKY knight who liked to KICK horses. He had a horse named POOPYFACE who he really HATED. The knight decided to FART POOPYFACE. He brought POOPYFACE to the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING and then LICKED POOPYFACE to a nice TOILET.


The common enjoyers of Mad Libs

Those who enjoy Mad Libs are usually people in fourth grade who laugh at fourth grade and watch Johnny Test. They seem to think that Mad Libs is SO RANDUM!!!!1 XDDDDDDDDDDDDD and they are completely correct. It is random but quite possibly one of the least funny things on the planet. Literature funnier than Mad Libs can be found in the below links.

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