Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton was a prominent historical figure, he helped write the Constitution, that whole Supreme law thing-a-majig. He was the original Badass Mother Fucker(apologies to Samuel L. Jackson)

Just The Facts

  1. Born in New York
  2. First ever secretary of Treasury
  3. Washington's Cheif-of-staff during the American Revolution


Born and raised in the Caribbean, Hamilton attended what is now known as Colombia University in New York. He was elected to the original continental Congress. Hamilton was all for strong central Government, even though most Americans were not as they had just been freed from a harsh King's Rule. He believed in a Monarchical rule as he stated in a speech at the Constitutional Convention. He was a party responsible for the three-fifths compromise. While writing the Constitution he became disgruntled and actually left the Convention. While writing it, he used the Implied Powers of the Constitution to fund the National Debt, assume state debts, and create the Bank of the United States, which would be the treasury today, he paid for it all with a Tariff on Imports and the Whiskey Tax which pissed a lot of people off. When Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied in the electoral college vote, Alexander Hamilton chose Thomas Jefferson as the President, making Aaron Burr the Vice President, and very pissed off. They eventually dueled and Burr mortally wounding Hamilton. A somewhat fitting way for a New Yorker to go. Hamilton can now be seen on the 10-dollar bill, the perfect 10.