Greatest. Band. Ever.

Just The Facts

  1. Metallica comes out on stage to the song "Ecstasy of Gold" from The Good The Bad and the Ugly.
  2. Metallica is the only band to have had 5 consecutive albums (every album since 1991) debut at no 1.
  3. Metallica is the 4th highest selling artist in the world.
  4. Metallica took heavy metal mainstream.

The Band

James Hetfield:

So hardcore that he once caught himself on fire on stage and got 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his body and didn't cancel the tour. Also writes most of the songs with Lars, the other original member of Metallica.

Lars Ulrich:

The drummer. Best known for his war against Napster and being the most badass drummer ever to come from Denmark. Original member of the band.

Kirk Hammett:

Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist.

Jason Newsted:

Jason was the bassist until 2001 when he left the band to work on a side project band called Echobrain. He also supplied backup vocals to James.

Robert Trujillo (February 2003):

Robert Trujillo (pictured above in sunglasses and black leather jacket) became the new bassist in 2003 during the recording of St. Anger. he was formerly with Jane's Addiction and Ozzy Osbourne.

Dave Mustane (Megadeth):

Dave Mustane was kicked out of hte band early on for his excessive drinking. He went on to form his own popular band, Megadeth.

Cliff Burton:

Cliff Burton was killed in a car accident in 1986. He plated the bass guitar and was replaced by Jason Newsted.

The Music

Note: numbers of albums sold are in the U.S. only.

Kill 'Em All:

Chart position: 120

Albums sold: 3 million

Ride The Lightning:

Chart position: 100

Albums sold: 5 million

Master of Puppets:

Chart position: 29

Albums sold: 6 million

Garage Days:

Chart position: 28

Albums sold: 1 million (limited release)

And Justice For All:

Chart position: 6

Albums sold: 8 million


Chart position: 1

Albums sold: 15 million


Chart position: 1

Albums sold: 5 million


Chart position: 1

Albums sold: 4 million

St. Anger:

Chart position: 1

Albums sold: 2 million

Death Magnetic:

Chart position: 1

Albums sold: 3 million

The Legacy

Metallica has become one of thte most popular bands in the world. People of all ages have been buying guitars just so they can learn to play Metallica songs.

Guitar Hero also released Guitar Hero: Metallica

And speaking of boners, here is a Russian classic painist playing Fade to Black on the piano. She has several more Metallica songs on her YouTube channel.

Required Viewing

For Whom the Bell Tolls:

Creeping Death:

Master of Puppets: