Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2, is the sequel to Left 4 Dead, both of which are set in a tangy zombie apocalypse. (Made by Valve)

The gang's all here, and some of them are black this time!

Just The Facts

  1. Left 4 dead and Left for Dead 2 are zombie thrillers.
  2. Zombies allow completely senseless violence because they're not technically human. (Like the French)
  3. Zombie clowns.

Left 4 Dead's Killing Crew:


Ellis takes the role of annoying southern white kid. He is always talking about his friend keith, who, according to him, has died many different ways. Ellis Is the kind of person in the cutscenes that if he is off in a corner busy being on fire, your not gonna help him. Look at him.


Rochelle is the woman in residence on the team, she will usually heal you (like zoe in the last game) but rochelle is too badass to make you a sammich like zoe used to. Rochelle is all business. You will definitly save her if she is on fire somewhere, preferably with an explosion in the backround.


You know how in a band hierarchy how's there the smart one, the cute one etc. Well, Nick is the stubbly one. He usually hangs to the back of the group to whore up the adrenaline shots and take swigs of bleach. Nick is the kind of person you would only save if he was dying nearby.


Oh, coach. He is the kind of badass character that merits bold, italics and underlining! Look at him! Despie the blue paunch he sports, he is clearly the coolest guy ever. We think that before the invasion coach was the manager of a new orleans resturant/punch factory. And he will make you sammiches. LIGHTNING SAMMICHES!!!

Updates and Gameplay.

Ok, lets take a jump back here to talk about the changes from L4D1 and L4D2 and R2D2. In the first installment, it was night all the time, there were only 100 ways for things to go wrong for you, and the lists of supplies as follows.

Explosives: Molotov, Pipe Bomb

  1. Pistols - Single or double, every player gets this weapon
  2. Pump-action Shotgun - Holds eight shells, and needs to be pumped after each shot
  3. Auto Shotgun - No pumping, and hold 10 shells
  4. Uzi - Automatic machine gun, rapid rate of fire
  5. M16 - Very powerful, bullets go through multiple zombies, 50 round magazine

Hunting Rifle - Has a sniper scope and is semi-automatic

Special Infected: Tanks, Smokers, Hunters, Boomers and witches.

In left for dead 2, however, there is more of everything.

Explosives: Molatov, Pipe Bomb, Boomer Bile. (Puke Bomb)

Gunsies: Assault Rifles


Sub-Machine Guns


Sniper Rifles

-H&K SG1
-Bolt-Action Carbine
-Ruger Mini-14


-SPAS 12
-M4 Super 90
-Pump Shotgun


-Glock 17
-Powerful Revolver

Melee Weapons

-Fire Axe
-Baseball Bat
-Frying Pan
-Boat Paddle
-Cricket Bat

A handful, no doubt. Next we will take a look at what the special infected of left 4 dead 2 look like, to give you an idea of what all those weapons will be helping you dispose of.

Special Children.

The Charger:

Having just gotten off his shift from the steel mill, joe 5 pack (having taken one at lunch) headed back to the ranch to feed his mother. When the invasion suddenly struck! By some random designation of fate, his right arm became hugely largely large, and his left arm dead and shrivled. The chargers attack is to run at you (charge, get it?) and slam you repeadedly into the ground with the beefy arm until somone comes around and politely tells him to stop. With bullets.

The Jockey:

Grandpa Sorryballs was watching out the window, waiting for the newspaper to come and angrily pooping himself when the invasion struck. His Lung condition ended up transforming him into this monstrosity. The Jockey jumps on your back and rides you like a circus pony into fire, or off bridges or to the duck pond.

The Spitter:

Mrs.Hairboner-Babyface was shopping at wal-mart for christmas presents of pop-tarts and 1-ply toilet paper so her kids would stop wiping with poisen oak, when the infection hit. Because of all the mountain dew she drank in life, in death she gained the ablitly to spit/explode into green, poisionus goo that will most definitly kill a bitch. Probably a 6, maybe a drunk 7.

The Tank:

(NOTE: We know this Infected was from the first game, but we just love him so much.)

Ever wondered what a world-class douchebag would look like in the zombie invasion? Look no further! This zombie always shows up late to invasions, usually catches fire and gives hi-fives waaay to hard. He usually gets drunk early, and in turn starts throwing stuff all over the place. (He reminds us so much of our uncles!) Maybe all he needs is some warm milk. LIGHTNING MILK!!!