Which Is More Painful? Giving Birth Or GKITC?

Which is more painful? We may never know.

Admit it, some of you want to be that granny...

or that turtle.

Just The Facts

  1. GKITC is short for Getting Kicked In The Crotch.
  2. Me and my friends have a dissagreement, please post your own thinking below.
  3. I am a guy, so i am arguing the crotch.
  4. The turtle turned on me as well.

A little backround history.

This debate was actually argued on a tv show called friends, 6 people who mostly talked about sex and life(whats the difference?). Anyway I wanted to see what the Real World thought about this so I want lots of comments. Now we begin.

Crotch kicking began in the year 1765, when woman realized that the crotch brought pain as well as pleasure to the normal every day man. This brought along the Crotch Kicking Society of Females. Their goal was to humiliate all the lords of castles whenever they busted a move on these ladies. The ladies reply was to bust a nut (or 2). As the years progressed, someone decided to teach woman different kicks. Several types of crotch kicking came into play. The most popular, which was useful when the male in question pulled you close, was the knee high kick, which brought the knee up into the crotch area in a fast jabbing motion. The high is not part of the kick, but the reaction of the male in question when the kick was executed. Several other crotch kicks, such as the round up house, the double tap double over and the coolest, The kick performed by the "Badass asian female we won't see ever again".... Kick.

The argument.

I believe there are 3 things that make getting kicked in the crotch more painful than giving birth.

1. It has no limit. Woman cannot give birth after 50 and most american woman won't try to have more that 2-4 kids. Getting kicked in the crotch however, is stuck for life. The men out there today are getting kicked in the crotch every day. Pain in that area is often why woman think our junk looks so ugly, its because we have been building up callouses from all those painful kicks from random asian woman and girls wearing high heels.

2. All on the outside. Woman are built to withstand a lot in the carrying around a baby area. It's very comfy and protective and all on the inside. We, as males, are meant to insert. So, we have it on the outside where we can freeze it off in the snow or rain. And if god has a sense of humor, he put it on the outside to give woman this advantage.

3. We as males, often ask for it. Has anyone here seen a man kick a woman in the crotch? If you have, I am sorry. The males of today are arrogant assholes who don't respect woman. And the ones who do, well 15% of them are gay anyway. The other 85% actually care. So ladies, they're are people who are nice, so don't hurt them (too badly) when they fuck up.

The end.

I want some one who views this to write an article that defends how giving birth is more painful. When you have, message me the link and I will comment and probably laugh.


The Update

It has been a year since publishing this crap and I feel like I need closure. I happened to get a woman to tell me what it's like to give birth by asking me the question " Have you ever pushed a desk through your vagina?" At this point, I told her I had no vaginal cavity to speak of. She grew confused, gave me a once over, and went on her merry way. Sadly I never really got a true answer (pain scale, labor pains and pain of listening to father of baby moan and whimper next to hospital bed), so, with great happiness in my soul, I declare this article done!