Friday the 13th Superstitions

Friday the 13th: quite possibly the unluckiest day known to man

Just The Facts

  1. Friday
  2. 13
  3. put em together and you have hell in calender form
  4. No relation to the movies

the history:

Since before any of us were even born there has been Friday the 13th. It's literally been branded into our minds thanks to our ancestors, but what do we really know about its origin? For those who don't know about the probably don't know this version. for those who don't know this version, here you go.
According to folklore historians, 12 Norse gods were having an awesome-tastic meal on their heaven that is Valhalla. We assume this looks similar to the Valhalla on Halo.
This is where the Norse gods go to game it out.
Anyways, they were drinking and partying and scoffing food into their godly throats when, low and behold, Loki the mischievious appears. He apparently set out for the god Balder (the god of all things wonderful and cool) to be shot in the face with a mistletoe tipped arrow by the blind god of darkness, Hoder...who's blind...and the assassin...
Somehow Hoder gets past his crippling loss of sight and shoots Balder with his mistletoe arrow. Balder dies and the whole wide world becomes a dark, sad, and unlucky day every Friday the 13th.
Just to be clear, this is what we've been fearing. All this irrational fear is because of some blind god that shot another god with mistletoe.Way to go humanity. Well, if this works with all the other unlucky superstitions made by man, the end of the world will end up something like this:
On a random friday in 2012, some guy is going to cross a black cat while passing under a ladder. He's going to trip over the cat and break a mirror while spilling all his salt that he was carrying. This will cause the blind Norse god of darkness to appear and shoot everyone in their eyes 13 times with mistletoe arrows. Not exactly the best way to go.
But hey, look on the bright side. At least the end of the world wasn't caused by the god of pancakes, Bunnycus.

And now, a list...

I feel that every topic should have a list of anything odd, funny, or just plain interesting stuff focused on the subject. So, here we go with the Friday the 13th list!

-Hotels and skyscrapers have no 13th floor (well, there's the 14th floor...You know what floor that is.)

-Airplanes have no 13th aisle

-Friday was execution day in most of ancient Europe.

-Jesus died on a friday, and was betrayed by his 13th deciple

-A remedie for friday the 13's bad luck is to stand on top of a skyscraper and burn all of your socks with holes in them

-Another remedie is to stand on your head and eat some gristle

-The latin term for the irrational fear of this day is paraskevidekatriaphobia

-there have been 3 friday the 13s arriving throughout 2009

-hospitals have no room 13

-some people are so afraid of this day that they refuse to leave their bed

-A group in France was made for the sole purpose of filling in parties with only 13 guests with last minute guests so they didn't have only 13 people in their party

-Franklin D. Roosevelt never traveled on the 13th day of any month.

-Jason voorhees is a name with 13 characters in it.