Jamie Lynn Spears

what happens when someone with no knowledge of a subject, in a frack happenstance clicks on a thingy, making him create a topic about a person he only knows about on the vaguest of terms? THIS!

Somehow, safe search filtered this ou- is that lolipop shaped like a penis? not sure this is the person im supposed to be writing about.... wow being a shut-in sure hasnt worked out for me

YEAH. THIS IS MORE LIKE IT. PENISES SUCK wait that came out wrong

somehow, wikipedia can never get ahold of a good photo of someone if they are younger than 102

Just The Facts

  1. is sister of britney spears (DUH)
  2. has appeared or starred in some disney things, like "zoey 101" or "all that" (authors note: due to disney contract, has no soul whatsoever
  3. pregnant or something

HOLY CRAP SHE ALMOST GO MARRIED AND stuff like that yeah....

"Nickolodeon issued a statement shortly after the announcement stating that the network respected Spears's decision to take responsibility and noting that its primary concern was for her well-being." if that has ANYTHING to do with disney, then i scoff at it. but it probably doesnt, but disney owns everything. (once again, shut-in-ess kicks in(yes i made up that word))