Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez is one of the world's foremost douche bags.


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in case u still don't see it and you need a definition of what a douchebag is.

Just The Facts

  1. Mario's friends refer to him as "The Dentist's Wet Dream", thanks to his brilliantly perfect smile
  2. Mario is best friends with Jeremy Jackson ( Hobie Buchannon on Baywatch)
  3. For his 25th birthday, Mario gave himself the honorary 'Key' to his hometown of San Diego California in a beautiful sunset ceremony on Pacific Beach
  4. Mario Lopez now has his own instructional fitness guide.

Mario Lopez: Personality for the Ages

Despite greatly lacking in all talents related to the art of acting, Mario has continued to thrive in Hollywood for the better part of two decades.

Lopez was once married to Ali Landry, who was Miss America '96, they were married in April 24, 2004, but two weeks later she had the marriage annulled over alleged infidelities committed by Lopez during the relationship.

There is really not much that is awesome to say about Mario... Except he was once with her.

Extra Curricular activities

Mario supports McDonalds...