Spy Cat

Spy Cat is a book written by Peg Kehret. It fallows the story of a brown and white cat (possible pro-equality undertone) named Pete and his owners the Kendrill family.


Just The Facts

  1. Spy Cat in the second book in a series, With The Stranger Next Door being the first, and Trapped! being the third.
  2. It was first published in 2004, and was reprinted in 2008.
  3. It's not really what you expect nor even want.

The Plot

Normally, this is the part where we tell you the whole story in a condensed manner that ruins it, but not today! It is our belief that ever man, woman, child and baby should read this, so it would be blasphemous to ruin it for you. Instead, we will give you a snippet of the story to wet your lips with. This book is disappointing. It's not about a Spy Cat, as one might gather from the title. Instead it's about a fat cat who lazes around and can't do shit to help anyone. The story starts out when Alex Kendrill, Pete's owner, finds out his friend's house has been robbed by an over zealous burglar with nothing to lose. Seriously, he steals from a house one night, and then another the next morning. That's just crazy determination. Also along for this rip roaring ride of a life time is Benjie, Alex's retarded little brother who seems to be on acid half the time and meth the other half. The book is pretty predictable. You figure out who the burglars are right away when you find out that a couple certain people don't like animals. That in its self is apparently a crime. We will say one thing; this book sure was an exciting adventure.
"Alex turned on the computer. While he waited to get connected to the internet, he read his homework assignment: write three paragraphs or more about the history of Oklahoma."

Memorable Quotes

"His fur rose along the edge of his back. He smelled fear. Sharp animal fear…"

"Burglars take more then household goods. They take peace of mind."

"Today I'm going to look for flying green panthers."

"Valley View Estates was at the edge of Hilltop!"

"She likes little boys…"

Pete the Cat: The Cat behind the Spy

Seeing as how Pete can understand spoken English as well as written English, we've got to say he's pretty awesome. It's not everyday you get that. However, he can only meow so it's kind of wasted. Even though he knows who the bad guy is, he's pretty fucking useless. He does try to find evidence in the burglars van, but it back fires like a mother fucker. Through the course of the book we started to hate Pete and began to find his little witticisms annoying and overdone. He's that friend that never shuts the fuck up. Pete the Cat stars in two other books by Peg Carrot. While we haven't read theses, we decided to decipher as much as we can about the cat from the book covers.

This is disconcerting. We fear for our families. We fear for our property. Hell, we fear for ourselves. It is our opinion that Pete has snapped in this one. This must be the story where he burns the house down. With the Kendrill family inside. And what is that shadowy figure standing near the house on the left? An alien perhaps? Pete's new owner? Maybe it's possible that Pete didn't start this fire, and that it was started by this shadowy figure. But then why the fuck is the manic smiling like that. He's watching a house burn down and he's not doing shit about it. He could get someone. Hell, we don't know, maybe even attack the arsonist. But no. He chooses to just stare at us with those big cat eyes, smiling that big cat grin. We want our mommies.

We don't know what's going on here, but we don't like it. Why does that cat always have to be staring straight at us? While he might not be committing arson in this one, that is not the face of a good guy cat. That's the face of an "I'ma murder you" Cat. Or of a butt rape Cat. Both are bad, but I hope it's the first one. For the sake of the child, I hope the cat doesn't turn its evil gaze upon him. But what is the kid doing exactly? Taking his cat on a nice walk through the forest? The forest of hairy trees? He must have known this was a bad idea. Going upon the name of the book alone, we guess that something bad happens somewhere along the lines. And going upon our previous knowledge of Pete, we guess that he makes it worse.

The Author

Let's just start off by saying that we are in no way making fun of Peg Kehret. We think she's a stand-up gal. However, he books leave something desired. Perhaps that's because she herself leaves us desiring, if you catch our drift.

She is the author of many books, some for adults and some for children. Most of her kid's books, though, seem to be about being kidnapped. Like Abduction!, which is the story of a boy who gets, you guessed it, abducted. What we find particularly adult about this is that it's the child's own father that does it. The story goes in depth about kidnapping techniques and how to stop it. Including something called "Stranger Danger". Now, we don't know what this means, but our best guess is that it teaches kids that every stranger is out to get them. It would be good if "Stranger Danger" encompassed cats as well.