Above The Influence

Above the Influence seeks to inform teenagers about the destructive properties of drugs. Instead, it basically promotes them better than that guy "shorty" your brother introduced you to in high school.

Little known fact. Dr. Dolittle was a stoner.

Marijuana inhibits creativity.

Now we're gonna fuck like......well you know.

Just The Facts

  1. In 1913 Califorina passed the first state marijuana law tho most were too stoned to notice. Or care.
  2. In 1970 congress passed the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act., which in turn popularized an otherwise seldomly abused substance.
  3. In 2006 the Above the Influence drug prevention campaign was created to give stoners something to laugh at.

Making dogs talk and deflating little girls

When the commercials first aired we were introduced to a better trip than drugs ever could have given us. With talking dogs that complained about a lazy master that coulent just open the back door (who walks there fuckin dog anymore). Along with depections of tweens too lazy to move from the couch with a twist! A complete lack of bones, connective tissue, organs, muscles or brain. Sounds to me like the weed was the least of her problems. So along with comercials about a boy that apparently stood in one place for months at a time while letting people forcibly cut his hair and have him in various stages of undress. We come to a realization, if you smoke weed your a loser with tons of friends and fans of the fairer sex that always want your company. In other words: pot=friends! Oh and shorty if your reading this my mom knows that you "borrowed" her computer and would like it back. We're still cool tho, right? I need a bag.