Awkward Silences

awkward silences are tricky to handle, it can come in many shapes or forms there is evan one form that consits of a nerd showing his new CELINE DION! album...... freaky aye.

Tough men wear bow ties

it can occur after Extremely awakward times

and yes thers evan cyber awkward silences

Just The Facts

  1. Awkward silences occur when you say the wrong thing at the WRONG time
  2. when you are with a person you havent seen in months and there is nothing to talk about and if its a girl all your thinking of know what i mean
  3. when someone says a joke and you try to top it but it FAILS miserably
  4. at extremly awkward times it also can occur
  5. yes nerds can make it from the computer too
  6. when you are left with someone you dont no either way if shes hot or not theres nothing to talk about

My View

Well i personally think that awkward silences happens to everyone at one time and you look like a total r-tard when it happens. but for those people that continuelsy does it either you have been punched in the face before or going to very quickly..... soooo try your hardest to not be caught in these silences cause they totally suck balls i hope my advise helps cause no one wants to look like a douchebag

What to do if caught in these situations

step1. Tell the guy to leave if he does not verbally abuse him if that does not work DESTROY HIM!

step2. try to think up somethign totally awesome and that you can talk about for ages

step3. DON't try to be the centre of attension 97/100 times it doesnt work

step4. dont let you friends ditch you with strange people