-under construction-Crocodiles are big vicious carnivorous reptiles, like some kind of cranky-ass dinosaur that refuses to go extinct. Don't even fuck with them.

This one is known as

Just The Facts

  1. Crocodiles have a lot of sharp teeth.
  2. They can digest almost any other animal (including humans).

Ancient Lizards

200 million years ago, crocodiles looked more or less like crocodiles. In comparison, 60 million years ago, dinosaurs already looked like a bunch of corpses. Yep. Crocodiles outlived the motherfuckin' dinosaurs. Hell, they probably ate many of them. They don't really care; they'll kill things bigger than themselves and eat them.

While everything else had to go through the trouble of, you know, evolving, Crocodiles stayed pretty much the same scary-ass reptiles they had always been. It's not that they never bothered evolving at all; it's just that they seemed to get it right on the first try and have been eating everything else ever since.

Big Eaters

Crocodiles are able to chew up and digest absolutely every other animal they come in contact with. If they can kill it, they can eat it.

A Partial List Of Their Prey
1) Fish
2) Mammals
3) Birds
4) Molluscs and Crustaceans
5) Other Crocodiles

Their jaws are nothing to fuck with, and they are estimated to have the strongest bite of any living thing. Let's compare them to some other things that you definitely do not want biting you...

ANIMAL : BITE POWER (measured in pounds per square inch)
Rottweiler : 335
Great White : 400
Hyena : 1000
Alligator : 2000
Crocodile : 5000

In other words, it just ate the rest of the zoo.