Stereotypes are those things that are 100% FUCKING TRUE!

Not included, THOSE DAMN POLACS!

Just The Facts

  1. Stereotypes are completely true,no matter what anyone tells you.
  2. Without stereotypes most comedians would not have careers.
  3. I will not talk about Jews in respect to my Jewish brothers, lehium.


White people suck. I know it, you know it, hell even your autistic hampster knows it. White people will do anything too bring the black man down. And, ever since Dolemite's death in 2008, the African American community's role in this country has been dwindling ... say what? the president? really? and your sure he's-? oh okay nevermind. Where was I? Oh yah. Those crackers love mayonaisse and cant get enough of their fancy white houses and their fancy white soap. If I wasn't white I could go on for hours but unfortunately I got the Michael Jackson disease.

Technically they're yellow.


It's been a little over 160 years since the abolishment of slavery but I still don't know what I am and am not allowed to say. Well to keep it subtle black people like chicken, watermelon, prostitutes, black women, white women, BET, talking in the movie theaters, crack, pot, Snoopy Dogg, sports, rap, pimpin, and black power.

I pitty the shareholders.


Why asians can't drive is a mystery. Some say they used to be the greatest drivers in all the land until a mystical shaman casted an evil spell on them, taking away their greatest strength, their driving capabilities. Others say its because of their very small eyes. They're probably right. Either way these people still dont understand that those big black numbers on the signs outside are the speed limit, not the number of people you've pissed off with your shitty driving. Its amazing how easily these people can put together a shoe but still don't know how a blinker works. It's also hard for them to say "little lilly loves little locks". Rittre rirry roves rittre rocks. Hilarous.

If only.


How come everyone hates these guys?

Everyone believes that every Muslim was involved in 9/11.

Luckily they're wrong.

People need to understand that racial profiling is wrong.

Muslims are amazing people.

Especially the ones that hide in caves.