Videogame Bullshit

Not bullshit as in "That sucker couldn't survive and rpg to the chest" but Video Game bullshit like being lagged online.

Videogame bullshit  Feat. Pacman

Just The Facts

  1. Videogame = Games played on console or Pc
  2. Bullshit = Something considered unusual or unfare
  3. Videogame bullshit = $110 for a game that is so laggy I could walk faster...

Common videogame bullshit.

1 - Not enough to do. You play for 4 hours, and wham you're done.

2 - Too much to do. Collect 400 seafish, 500 kills, replay 4 times...

3 - Hard achievments, or dumb ones. Spawn on a teamate, stick an explosive cat to him while twirling...

4 - Online cockheads. "Bro I am so awsm, I'll take those 20 guys... shit I died..."

5 - Good game - wrong console

6 - Consoles that shouldn't count.

1 - Not enough to do.

Have you ever got a game, you know the on everyone was talking about? Then you start playing it, put your over-due homework in a draw, lock the door and start playing - and you are done in over 4 hours. There isn't anything to do - except play through the storyline again and again and again...

2 - Too much to do.

After that first short game, you go and get something else. You think this'll be fun! Until you realise how many damn collectibles, side missions, weapons, and any other stupid time waster you have to collect. So you're stuck playing forever, and never see daylight again.

3 - Hard Achievments, or stupid ones.

So, you finally got a good game. It comes with 100 trophies to get. Alrighty you think. Got 99 of them.

Now let's see - hmm. I have to play the game on hard - ok - while using a pistol - umm - while only using 2 buttons at a time - I don't see the point - while playing against a level 678 character.

WTF!?!? Games with stupid tophies are hard for stupid people. Stlupid people - stuplidiple people...

4 - Online cockheads.

lukey298: Ok, I just have to get across the courtyard, get my m4 ammo, and I'll cover you Doche462.

Doche462: Nah, i got it bro, I got a better gun.

lukeyflukey: No, you'll kill us both

Player4 iced Doche462 and lukeyflukey

Doche462: My bad bro

lukeyflukey: Motherfucker!

5 - Good game, wrong console.

Recently, I finished GTA IV 100% on my PS3. Then I heard a rumuor about a new episode - The Ballad of Gay Tony. I read up on it, and it sounded good. a new story line with more weapons and vechiles. So then I saw an add on tv... but guess what - Out now exclusively on XBox 360 ...

MOTHERF***ING S*** C*** DOG S*** T*** D**** Z**** R****!!!!!!

6 - Consoles that don't count.

I saw an article about succesful consoles, and they were talking about how succseful Nintendo DS and Wiis were. They don't count!!! It's played by 5 and 50 yr olds, because they are tired of being whooped in ordinary videogames like GTA IV. So, they made a console for dummies. When we play it, we pown it. Then they say, I am better then you thought. 5 minutes of COD 4 would shut them up.