Daniel Shays

Daniel Shays was a soldier in the American Revolutionary war who, after being discharged without pay because he was injured, felt his blood lust was not yet quenched and decided to start another war. &

Just The Facts

  1. Liked to piss off Massachusetts.
  2. Changed the United States in ways he didn't even mean to.
  3. The leader of Shays' Rebellion
  4. Pissed off Massachusetts.

Cracked On Daniel Shays

After Daniel was discharged without compensation, everyone thought it would be a good idea to be a dick to him. It wasn't. The Rich of Massachusetts were looking to get the money that they lent to the poor people back but, you know, with the poor people being poor and all, no one had it. Daniel felt that it was America's fault anyway, considering they aren't paying their veteran solders. So he decided to go Medieval on their asses and started a peasant rebellion. In 1786 all hell broke loose. There were battles between Massachusetts forces and the rebels. Massachusetts, like the baby it is, couldn't handle it and asked for help. All the other states were basically like "fuck you" and the newly formed Congress couldn't do shit because it had no power, which begs the question as to what they thought it would be there for. Massachusetts eventually manned up and kicked the rebel's asses in early 1787.

Needles to say, Massachusetts was pissed. And so was Congress, who felt really fucking stupid and worthless. So they decided to rework the constitution to give themselves more power. Cause it works like that. So what happened to Daniel? Was he executed for acts of treason? No. He wimped out, ran away, and told America he was sorry. America said fuck it and let him be. Even paid him the money they owed him. So it pretty much worked out for everyone, except for the poeple that died during the rebellion and the rebels who weren't as lucky as Shays and were hanged. But hey, you can't win them all.

The impact of this Rebellion was far reaching. Congress Wasn't about to let something like that happen again (See American Civil War). The new Constitution Congress works up shapes America into the one we know and love/hate today.