Bad Jokes

Bad jokes are the type of jokes that make perfect sense, and seem like they should be funny, but they're either so overused, or so stupid that they leave a bad taste in your mouth

A common reaction to the telling of a bad joke. (I couldn't figure out how to upload my own image, so I improvised)

A more impressive reaction to a bad joke.

Just The Facts

  1. Bad jokes usually rely on bad puns, stupidity, or overused jokes
  2. Despite this, people still find it "Punny"
  3. Anyone who uses the above "Joke" should be shot
  4. ...Repeatedly

The pun

Jokes are great, they make people laugh, cheer someone up, or make someone forget to laugh. (People are sincere when they say that its funny, right?) But Bad jokes, they're a different story, they're the type of joke that makes a person laugh, but out of pity, or at you. They usually involve just switching one word for another. This my friends, is the pun. Puns can be funny, especially if you're saying them ironically. Sometimes though, they're absoulte shit, they're the kind of joke that makes you cringe. On the list of atrocities, however, they're pretty low down there.

The Overused joke

"So what's the deal with overused jokes? I mean, they're not funny, and they're not new! I mean, who finds them funny anymore?!" - Me, at the beginning of this paragraph.

Overused jokes are pretty damned bad. Sometimes they don't even make sense. Interestingly enough, most overused jokes in the real world will take the form of some T.V star. My personal favorite is the Seinfeld, because it's not actually the same joke over and over, it's just the format. This can lead to some pretty good jokes. The problem with these is the repetition, over and over again you'll hear this. Of course, some other offenders of this are things like quoting the Simpsons, Family guy, South park, or whatever. It's things like the spider-pig themesongs, which, admittedly, was funny up until the fiftieth time or so. These jokes aren't originally "bad" it's just that they're so played out by this time, they're almost memes, speaking of which....

The meme

The meme is an internet joke, between an overused joke, and an anti-joke. (More on those later.) Usually started on a popular site as a joke, it manages to catch on, and flood the internet. Probably one of the most known ones is the Rick Roll and an up-and-coming, similar meme is the Communist Roll. These mainly consist of you, or someone else posting a link on a forum or message board saying something like "Holy crap! This kitten is stuck in a burning building!" and instead of posting a link to a video of that, you post a video to something like that. It's like an overused joke because of how often it happens, but its shock value makes it like my personal favorite, the anti-joke.

The Anti-Joke

Ah, the anti joke, my personal favorite. Anti-jokes are jokes that are either:

A) Intended not to be funny, but manage to be anyways

B) So old and used up, that it's funny you thought it was amusing

They're pretty simple. One of the better known ones is "No soap, radio" which falls into the first category. Firstly, gather some friends, leave one guy out. Tell them your plan (As explained below) and watch your friend's face turn as red as... Hell if I know.

1) Tell your friend that you have a joke that he'll love

2) Start telling a joke, any kind of anectdotal joke (So a guy walks into a bar, etc...)

3) Where you'd typically have a humorous punchline, say "No soap, radio!"

4) Have everyone else who was listening to the joke (And in on it) laugh hysterically.

Anti-jokes aren't so much jokes, as they are pranks. They're quite good too. Well then why would I include them on a list of bad jokes?

No soap, radio!