World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE has been a staple for men and boys the world over who want to lose themselves in a world of unrelenting violence and over the top storylines. that and jumping from ladders.


Just The Facts

  1. WWE Raw is the longest running weekly episodic show on television, ever.
  2. Not content with their current showiness WWE unveiled brand new accross the board stage sets that contain over 1 million LED's
  3. WWE chairman Vince McMahon regularly includes himself in storylines that involve him diddling incredibly hot women that are younger than his daughter

Gay? No, of course not.

For some time we here at Cracked have been asking the question, Is it gay to wax your chest, oil yourself up and make vigorous sweaty contact with another man? Answer: Not if your slamming him through a flaming table.

There is a list of other approved items to slam on/through, but you get the idea.

Fake? We prefer controlled.

One thing you'll hear over and over from the anti pro-wrestling crowd is "FAKE!" and "You can see he's not hitting him!" well to the doubters and nay sayers  I give you...


also, when was the last time you were payed hundreds of thousands of dollars to pretend to do something?

Working conditions

How often have you felt like inflicting greivous bodily harm on a co-worker? For the men and women of WWE its the only damned task they have to perform. Hell even the boss gets his ass kicked on a regular basis, let's have a look at who's beaten the absolute shit through Vince McMahon over the years:

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Rock

His son in law Triple H

Bobby Lashley

Shawn Michaels

His son Shane McMahon

Randy Orton

The Undertaker

Donald Trump, thats right saggy old Donald Trump managed to lay into Vince McMahon, for those who aren't surprised at how this would happen, lets do a comparison