College Football

College football is a competition every year to make it to the bowl game. did i say bowl game? i meant bowl games, all 32 of them. Thats right you could go see the joe's car care bowl between "lucky to have a team tech" and "online university".

anti bragging class at

at least your league has them Mora!

Just The Facts

  1. a playoff will never happen
  2. Miami hasnt been good since the 90's
  3. no, tim tebow is not superman

The heisman

the heisman is award given to the best player of the year. the trophy its self just says "beat it loser" because nothing raises confedence like losing to someone who will pull a hammy on his first day of nfl training campsorry t your profecy has been for told

sorry TT, you cant avoid it


unlike the nfl colleges name their mascots whatever the hell they feel like. Take the alabama crimson tide. is it a wave of blood? no apparently its an elephant, a non red, none wave elephant. or take the virginia tech hokies. sound like a sandwhich? wrong its a rooster. so you while you snicker at the trojans most people are trying to figure out if stanford is supposed to be a tree, a cardinal, or the flag of lebanon.

Tell us stanford!!!!!!

The BCS title game

ahh the showdown between #1 and #2. its like the superbowl only without the large stadium, celebrities, a good halftime show, talent, ratings, hype, and of course funny commercials

ooooooh! nutshot!!!