With more power over children than sugar coated ninja turtles and the ability to take you out like a shotgun tazer...It's Pikachu. Though a Michael Jackson joke might have worked too.

The little yellow god himself.

And after he catches the scent of money.

Just The Facts

  1. Number #25 in the pokedex, this little guy was one of the original pokemon.
  2. His starring role in the Pokemon TV series quickly saw Pikachu become synonymous with the franchise name.
  3. Pikachu produce on the market includes pretty much anything you can imagine. Seriously, go search Pikachu and a word of your choice. It get's scary.

That Yellow Bastard

He first popped into the real world out of the twisted mind of Satoshi Tajiri in 1996. He was the first electric type pokemon created after the type was proposed. His name basically means Lightning Mouse, being play on the japanese onomatopoeias "pikapika" and "chu."

We owe that man so much...

In the last thirteen years the Pokemon have taken over the world by brainwashing millions of children. The leader of this cult is none other than Pikachu or possibly Mewtwo, pulling the strings behind the scenes. The games sold in record numbers, the cartoon series featuring the naive Ash, the temptestuous Misty and the eyeless pervert Brock is currently still running and all manner of ridiculous spin offs and merchandise have made their way onto the shelves

My God! We must have it!

I ain't gonna Raichu a love song

Since he first appeared in the dreams of every child, adolescant and manboy in both the western and eastern hemispheres Pikachu has ventured out of the Pokemon series and into other successful er...ventures.

He has appeared to date in the Smash Bros. series, on the side of a Boeing 747 jet, mousepads, backpacks, pretty much anything you care to think of. You can buy toasters that burn Pikachu into your toast, snow plows featuring the visage of the little yellow peril, thongs, bras, pyjamas, night lights, you get the idea.

The Face of Commercialism

Let's face it, at this rate it can only be a matter of time before he takes over the world. Somewhere in Japan, right now, there is a lab rat with electrodes on its cheeks that will someday be your master.