Jellyfish are nature's gently drifting water balloons... Of DEATH.

Just The Facts

  1. Jellyfish are incredibly common underwater creatures made of water and goo. With tentacles.
  2. They can measure fractions of aninch, to close to 10 feet around.
  3. The deadliest, most poisonous creature in the world is a jellyfish that is nearly invisible.
  4. Someday, Jellies will rise from the oceans and devestate the earth ina fashion that would make SkyNet jealous.

Cracked on Jellyfish

You are walking down the beach in say, Australia. You have managed to avoid poisonous octopus by staying the fuck out of the water, you are living in a plastic box for your stay, so the spiders and other unholy terrors aren't getting to you, and it;s been 35,000 years since any carnivorous kangaroos prowled the beaches, so you're good there, too.

Then you accidentally step on something that looks like a wet plastic bag and has the consistency of Jell-O. You died on the way to the hospital. What the fuck?

Como estan, bitches? But seriously, folks. I'll kill you.