Yu Yu Hakusho

A spirited contest between good and evil and the growth of the soul through massive martial arts and insane turmoil

Yea, it's kinda like that

And it keeps getting bigger

It's either really cool, or really gay

Just The Facts

  1. Yu Yu Hakusho has spanned 112 episodes and AT LEAST two movies
  2. Yu Yu Hakusho was originally a manga created by Yoshihiro Togashi, who married the creator of Sailor Moon
  3. While no longer on the air, Yu Yu Hakusho episodes can be found throughout the interwebs, ready to be viewed and enjoyed

The Story

SPIRIT GUN! Did you duck? You sure should have!

Yu Yu Hakusho, by famed manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi, was the story of a boy who got in over his head. Yup. That's it. That's all it was. No monsters, no seemingly-impossible-feats of it-could-be-magic, no interdimensional plot against humanity. Wait...wait no, I had it wrong. IT'S ALL OF THOSE THINGS!

When a 14 year old juvinile delinquent dies doing the one thing no one ever expected him to do, saving the life of a young boy, no one, not even his one childhood friend, can believe he did it. He was the punk. He ditched school, stole, smoked, and was an all around scary ass kid.

Once he was dead, however, he saw the impact of his choices. He saw his old "rival" Kuwabara, whom he had beated over a hundred times in good ol' fist fights, crying and saying he wasn't allowed to die. His best friend, sobbing over him, he realized that maybe he might be missed. He is given a chance to return to life and, (after a few kinda ooey gooey episodes), voila! Instant super hero. From that point on, we watch Yusuke Urameshi, (pronounced Youzkay yourameshi) as he fights legions of demons to save the human world over and over and over again.

The Team

What kind of kick ass crimefighter would you be without your buddies? Seriously! I mean, think of how many buddy movies have you watched and realized it only worked out because of the buddy?! That's what I thought.

All of Yusuke's teammates were originally enemies. Kuwabara, his junior high punk rival, Kurama, the soft spoken genius demon fox, and Hiei, (pronounced hee-ay), the short, but very fast hotheaded demon. Kurama and Hiei had been caught by Yusuke for trying to steal magic devices. Hiei used his to capture Yusuke's "girlfriend" Keiko, but Kurama used his to try to save his human mother. (Does no one but me see that this is kind of a convoluted plot that does actually sound better as it plays out instead of a writer trying to avoid spoilers?) We find that Kurama, a thin boy with bright red hair and a pink school uniform, carries a single rose with him all the time. But, when he needs it to, that rose becomes a huge fucking whip! Covered with thorns! THAT CAN CUT THROUGH SOLID FRIGGIN STONE!!!! That sounds pretty badass to me, especially from a guy in a pink suit.

Hiei, with his troubled past, possesses a "Jagan eye" or a third eye for the spirit that allows him to see pretty much anything, and gives him amazing speed and the ability to do all sorts of things that, like all anime good guys, no one thought was possible.

Then we have good ol' Kuwabara. A dumb as rocks, loudmouthed, idiot who thinks he is as strong as the rest of the team, but, well, is sorely mistaken. He is kicked around harder than a rodeo clown, though he always is there for his teammates, even if it's going to kill him.

I know it sounds like the most confusing anime show ever, (which is a stretch. Remember bo bo - bo bo bo-bo bo bo? Yea, that was IMPOSSIBLE), it's very watchable, and the fighting scenes have the most brutal mixed martial arts ever