M Night Shyamalan Movies

M Night Shyamalan Movies are essentially based around fantasy characters if they appeared in the real world. Typical plot elements include color significance, Philadelphia, director cameos, twist endings, and water.

Let's twist again... and again... and again...

Just The Facts

  1. 8 Films directed with one on the way
  2. Real name is Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan. Good luck with pronouncing that
  3. Official theme song is Shama Lama Ding Dong by Otis Day and the Knights

Early films

1992's Praying with Anger is a semiautobiographical pic about a young Indian American college exchange students who goes back to India and gets in touch with his roots. Often confused with the Kim Jong Il autobio pic Playing with Anger.

Wide Awake is a coming of age tale where a 5th grader questions the existence of God. With Denis Leary as his father and a nun Rosie Odonnell as his teacher, it's hard to blame him.

The Sixth Sense

Focusing on ghost stories, 1999's The Sixth Sense was Shyamalan's most acclaimed film to date. It centers around a psychiatrist who is shot and killed in the opening moments of the film. He returns as a ghost unaware of his situation, and communicates with a psychic child. The audience is blown away by this reveal, despite the fact that Bruce Willis does not engage in any two way conversation, wears the same clothes throughout the movie, and interacts with only red objects, whatever significance that has. The psychic child brings a child killing parent to justice, becoming the most successful crime fighting psychic in history.


Shyamalan delves into the superhero genre with this picture. It features a hero, again Bruce Willis, who has the powers of super strength, invulnerability, and the ability to see peoples' past crimes (?). He has a weakness to water, which might prove costly considering how 70% of his body is water.


He wears green like many heroes (Green Lantern, Green Arrow, The Hulk etc). Samuel L Jackson plays the purple dressed villain (Magneto, Lex Luthor, The Joker, etc). He has the power of easily being injured. This matchup is as uneven as Superman vs Quadraplegic Man. His theory is that if he's so inhumanly weak, there must be someone out there that's inhumanly strong. He searches for this person through terrorist acts. After a few decades of life saving, the hero might be able to break even with the thousands Jackson has killed.


Now focusing on the science fiction world of aliens and crop circles, many viewers turned after this film. Many plot holes were in this film. The audience spent more time asking questions then actually watching the movie. Such as: why do the aliens, who can be killed by touching water, go to a planet where it rains and is made mostly of water? Why do the aliens attack with poison gas wrists that can't kill a little instead of super laser weapons? How can they master space travel and not escape a kitchen? How can a lady tell the future after getting hit by a car?

With all of these questions, it was hard to even pick up on what the twist was. Probably it was super catholic Mel Gibson's priest character refinding God. Which is kind of like a twist ending where Robert Redford rediscovers the Democratic party.

The Village

A mixture of Pride and Prejudice and children's fairy tales, The Village is about a UPenn professor really wanted to get away from it all. Pretending to go back 100 years, he and some other people in 1970 go into the woods and make a community. He even makes the space a no fly zone. Instead of going through all this trouble, he probably should have lived with the quakers a little bit up the road. Convincing their children that there are monsters in the woods, they keep everyone within the borders of the community preventing trips to the local Walmart. Colors again play a major role, with red attracting the monsters, and yellow keeps them away. However the monsters are really the village elders. So in some ways this movie is quite true to life.

Lady in the Water

Paul Giamatti has mythical creatures living around his pool. The twist to this movie is people paid to see this.

The Happening

Mark Whalberg runs away from plants that make you commit suicide. Instead of actually fighting like in attack of the killer tomatoes, action sequences involve the wind rustling the tree branches.

More quality entertainment

The message of this movie is an environmental one, to save the planet before it kills us or we kill it. But it kind of argues to pave over fields and cut down forests and to stay the fuck away from angry plants.