Yu-Gi-Oh, is gay, ego boosting, dick fuck, game of cards. i basically summed everything up just then but read on anyway.....

this is what your supposed to see when you put down a card

Just The Facts

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh the shit face ego booster
  2. guess what, if your not killing a Yu-Gi-Oh player your doing something wrong
  3. japanese anime gone wrong

Yu gi oh.....the Facts

ok, in Yu-Gi-oh, the aim of the game is to kill/beat all the other players cards, make him cry, then fart in his mouth and run away.....after you loose, you are expected to scream and shout, and rip the other players cards and proceed to shove them in your mouth. basically after the game you have to cause as much mental and physical damage as you can, then after around 5 minutes, an invisible barrier stops you from attacking again, then you proceed to "fight" another person. in a lunck break, you may only get 1 or 2 games, so you have to show off a lot. in every group.....their is a person who has read the instruction book 30 times, a person who has the best cards but is called a cheater, and a person who has crap cards but is just happy they are fitting in. any place anywhere any age, if somebody pulls out a Yu-Gi-Oh card the place is immediatly turned into a warzome, the biggest dick wins!

the person that has read the instruction book in their spare time, usaully never plays Yu-Gi-Oh, just watches the games and mediates, oh and also they watch the tv series, (i know their is a tv series, and please to god do not watch it for straight after it you will cry) and again the barrier comes into play for the person who is on the sharp end of the stick, when the mediator states "no kuriboh can only be used when haunted cemetery is played and the opponent must agree" and then you feel like screaming NERD! but then you realise, wait......im playing Yu-Gi-Oh i'm already a nerd why be a hipocryte. usaully people get out of primary school and then "grow" out of it and mature....but nearly every person has a secret deck, and loves to verse his little cousin, then they pretend that they are playing it just to be fun. but secretly they are having the time of their lives, you may never know who it is, it could be your best friend. so....always have a spare deck ready to take them on.

so you all wait for the ancient ant army to come out of the ground, and then wait for them to massacre anybody who loses to Yu-Gi-Oh, and then the nerds will laugh and laugh, you may think that, that is far fetched. but do you have any proof that, that will not happen. just you wait.......


to prepare for Yu-Gi-Oh you must BE Yu-Gi-Oh, the first thing any smart person does the night before, is find ANY way to cheat, it may be hide the strongest cards in your anus, or it may be in your mouth, or you may put it in your mouth after putting it in your anus, but here and now, i will tell you the BEST way to cheat in Yu-Gi-Oh, first of all, certain cards have a certain amount of stars, and so to cheat and get more stars, all you do is cut out another cards stars and place on the cards with super glue, many children make up their own rules when playing Yu-Gi-Oh like "cards hidden in your anus are infaliable" or "no i will not check your anus for hidden cards" but the way to beat them, is to counter them with a totally unrelated insult, like "your mom checked it last night" they will eaither run away crying (hello free deck) or keep playing and then your anus cards count again. their are always other kids, who after playing a long game of soccer, come into the secluded area where Yu-Gi-Oh player linger, and they start to try to be funny by either, stealing cards, farting on cards, shitting on cards, shitting on the table, rubbing shit in the players face, rubbing shit covered cards all over the table or any other thing that involves shit, the reason that they are their in the first place is because they secretly WANT to play Yu-Gi-Oh, but have to much of an ego to ever do it.

Coping with losing

to cope with losing, is to think about any way the other person can insult you, and say it before they do, some kids are so retarded, that they will lose and immedialty afterwards, they will SCREAM! "NO you lose!!!!" these kids are mentally challenged. but anyway, the "strongest" card is known as Dark Master (im not a nerd but i have a good memory) and any normal kid would say this "oh ok, you win, good game" after the other kid played dark master and immediatly won, but them you have to remember, these kids AREN'T normal, so they will say that you need a totally unrelated card to play it, and then they will say you need to collect all the part cards in normal and golden, then they will say i played a trap card he is immediatly destroyed, and you will probably end up crying, so the best way to cope this losing is to not lose, and when your about too, run like hell....

how to get the cards

ok, now you may or may not of heard of a place called trash ad treasure, but they have tons of cards, now when versing someboy in Yu-Gi-Oh (say a super geek) then they will probably have a whole deck made up of 2 dollar 5 card packs (such a rip) and teh SMART people will have way more, but according to the Yu-Gi-Oh freaks, they are known as "fake" cards, and they will go into a hissy fit, if one is ever played.....to sum it up, to play Yu-Gi-Oh, first, you must find a deck that doesn't look like it has fake cards in it, second, you must cheat in ANY way, third, if you are about to lose, run, if you are about to win, get ready for a shit in your mouth and a bruise on your forehead, also, if you find the special "chuck norris card" you will immediatly lose your virginity and shit your pants, so good luck to all of you i hope i helped :D