Censorship is a way of controlling certain forms of media to ensure certain people are not offended by certain pieces of material, or, in other words, Censorship aims to ruin everyone’s fun. F**king bulls**t! OH COME ON!

Take that, organised conglomerate! You have been downsized into one poorly drawn character!

Just The Facts

  1. Censorship is spawned from the words Censor and Ship. Censor is a noun, usually forming the phrase "to censor". Ship is also a noun, usually a shortened term for "A large vessel capable of water travel".
  2. No-one likes censorship, as it basically takes away things that we enjoy. Like nudity.
  3. Nudity should never be censored. Unless it's fat nudity, in which case, take it the fuck away!

WTF is censorship, cracked.com?

Well, let's start from the beginning. The first known case of censorship was in the beginning of time. A man and a woman, named Adam and Eve respectively, were created by a chap named God. They spent their days frolicking in the Garden of Eden, naked as you please, until they ate an apple of knowledge (golden delicious?). After chomping down the delicious fruit, they felt ashamed of their nudity and covered themselves up. And thus, censorship was born, and it's been fucking up our entertainment ever since!

Nothing is safe from censorship. NOTHING!


Censorship comes in many forms, mostly government or religion based, and it covers a wide range of....stuff. Such as:

  • Moral Censorship - This is when someone censors something they feel is obscene. Like the word cunt. Moral Censorship can be used in real life and entertainment, which makes it twice as irritating.
  • Creative Censorship - Ever had a really good idea for a film and written it into a script and handed it over to a major studio and had it produced and released, only to find all the breast and testicle shots have been cut? Thank Creative Censorship!
  • Censorship of Freedom - Want to walk out the door and take a dump on the neighbours dog and see how he likes dealing with you shit for a change? Well you can't! And America was meant to be a land of freedom! WHAT HAPPENED?

*cue national anthem*

But wait, cracked.com, surely censorship can be useful...sometimes?

So it would seem. Yes, there are things in this word that are immoral and wrong, and therefore need to be stopped, like Jason Friedberg or the French. In these cases, censorship can be applied in a positive way (let's face it, we'd all have been happier if someone had killed the makers of Sex and the City 2.)


Unfortunately, instead of focussing on the things that can really harm humanity (see above), censorship is being slapped on things that don't really need it. Videogames, for example, are constantly being attacked by people with too much time and money, since apparently, gaming is the cause of most attrocities. War is caused by games. Drugs were invented by Activision. Guitar Hero is directly responsible for rape. Of course, this is all nonsense, but try telling people like Jack Thompson that. He'll have you in court before lunch!

The crazy eyes of a lunatic

Is censorship on the internet?

Yes, but it hasn't stopped us!

You tell 'em, you dangerously unstable man!

What will stop us?