The Apocalypse is the end of the world. Nice bleak summary, don't you think?

How Religion sees the world.

Just The Facts

  1. Apocalypse means "To lift veil" of "Revelation"
  2. It is focused in the Bible in the book of revelation.
  3. Many religions have predicted it.
  4. But it hasn't happened! ... yet.

What it means.

The Apocalypse is the predicted ending of our world. It can be anything, from the anti-christ, to floods, to 2012...

2012 deals with the concept of the Mayan predictions that the end of a long count (world life presumebly) on the 20th of December. Then, on the next day, 21st, the fourteenth b'ak'tun will occur. This isn't actually a predicted apocalypse, just the end of a cycle. But maybe the end of the cycle is like when you owe rent, but you can't pay, they evict you - from life.


Every Religion and Culture has its rules and legends and people and history bla bla bla... They also have many depictions of the apocalypse. So, basically ...

We are

Anyway, we can safely say that Earth will not last 5 billion years thanks to the expanding. It's probably going to end in nuclear winter... stupid Russia.