Sodahead is a an opinion/polling site owned by former Myspace VP of operations, Jason Feffer. Wanna share your theory about how the President is actually from the planet Gleebor? Sodahead may be for you!

Politics not your thing? Argue about Twilight.

Just The Facts

  1. Despite being just a social network site with a polling form built-in, Sodahead manages to pull in serious bucks: they scored nearly 9 million just before the election.
  2. The site got a major jump in the number of active users just after the primaries, with questions as diverse as "Is Obama a socialist?" to "Will Obama ruin America?" littering the site.
  3. Many "Sodaheads" agree: usually the only thing "bubbling" in their "heads" is the aneurysm they get from defending their obviously-faulty position that the President is "human".

Questions that demand answers

And you thought Cracked was bad for trolls....

The Fort Hood shooter was an Islamic convert... Will Obama speak out against Islamic extremism?

Who will win? (if a second civil war occurs, right vs. left)

Why are minority and guilty White liberals all about establishing socialism through intimidation via false racism charges and socialistic euphemisms such as "social justice?"

Do you think America is ready for a states rights revolution?

Are black Americans embarrassed at how inept and what a failure their first president Obama is?

Which is harder to find Osama Bin Laden or Barack Obama's original birth certificate?

When Barack Obama is impeached will we deport him to Kenya or Indonesia?


Is the fictional word "Homophobe" simply a word used by homosexuals to deflect an argument they find they are losing?

Is Barack Obama the Leeroy Jenkins of American presidents?

Who would you believe first? 0bama and his propaganda machine, or Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the Bush administration?

Did the U.S. Torture Prisoners in Guantanamo?

Do liberal-Democrats support Obama's socialist-Democrat goals to destroy capitalism and our way of life?