Drag Me To Hell

Gypsies are evil, but not as evil as Asian guys, possessed goats, and Los Angeles' Union Station.

Just The Facts

  1. Drag Me To Hell was Sam Raimi's return to horror following nearly a decade of Spider-Man movies.
  2. Sam Raimi got fired from Spider-Man 4 because Drag Me To Hell was too awesome. (No, the Vulturess idea had NOTHING to do with it).
  3. Old gypsy women are evil because, well, just look at them.

And So It Begins

In the far away land of 1960s Pasadena, a family speaking a strange alien tongue arrives at a house of (not-devil-)worship and asks the mamasan to "help" their son, if you know what we mean, and we think you do. The madam remains nonplussed until presented with payment in the form of a not-at-all-cursed necklace complete with its own fly. Her face subtly giving away her slowly building orgasm, she rushes the family inside to provide them with her services.


My precious...