Legoland is just your average amusement park, aimed at young families and college students experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs. There are 4 Legolands open for business and 3 more are in development.

The flight to the theme park was a bit cramped

As always security is tight. Don't let him see how much balls you are tripping

This fucking thing tried to eat me

Just The Facts

  1. Legoland is made up of 30,684,274 bricks
  2. That's a shit-ton of bricks
  3. Sorry, 84 and a half shit-tons of bricks!


Legoland has many attractions, aside from the brickshitting amount of lego blocks there is a Lego minland which is a miniature village made entirely of legos along with some famous landmarks from around the world, it has a lego garden, a driving area, and what's a theme park without roller coasters? Okay so I lied, there aren't that many attractions. But like I said, "hallucinagenic drugs." That will make your visit much more bearable, even bring the kids and give them a vacation they'll never forget. Who knows, you might end up in bat country while driving your little lego car.