Schwarzenegger's Veto Letter

The Terminator is going out of office swinging. Vetoing his rival's bills wasn't the only dick move he had in mind.

The letter

Get down!

Cryptic copy

Tom Ammiano, a gay man with balls so large they have their own gravitational pull, recently told Gov. Arnold "O'Donald" Schwarzenegger to "Kiss my gay ass." A comment that bold doens't go unpunished by many,,,,,,, markedly not by Arnie.

Beginning with a veto of Ammiano's financing bill, Arnold took his vengance. That may have actually been very very likely before the outburst, so a letter was sent from the Govenor's office to Ammiano. The bill explains that the onerous bill was vetoed, but doens't give any reason as to why. The letter uses some strange sentence structure, wierd language and grammar. Look at the first letter in every line. Using this cryptographic methodology, Schwarzenegger gives his real feelings: (F-U-C-K Y-O-U).

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