Anthony Toth

A United Airlines executive in Redondo Beach, California spent $50,000 to outfit his garage to make it look like the first-class cabin of a Pan Am 747.

1980s Pan Am WOULD make it's first-class passengers watch HD on a 19-inch flat-panel television.

Just The Facts

  1. The setup includes almost everything that furnished a 1970s/80s Pan Am 747, including Pan Am swizzle-sticks.
  2. Toth has travelled as far as Bangkok to find genuine Pan Am flight accessories.
  3. Toth also hopes to turn the garage into a museum.
  4. The operation has been in progress for twenty years, and cost $50,000.

What Makes Anthony Special?

I think most of us can accept a basic general idea: There's really only one thing better than being in first-class on a long trip - not being on an airplane.

But not this asshole.

I understand that every self-loathing man needs a hobby. He's entitled to these things.He does have a "mancave", and it does include recliners. But he wants to make his getaway a museum, and that only begs readers to question the reach of the Al Qaeda network, and how many American dollars it would take for them to fuck over United Airlines employee again.

Better Things to do With $50,000.

Build Upwards of Twenty Houses in an Under-Developed Nation.

Build upwards of tweny houses in an under-developed nation.

Buy into an organization that offers protection in case of various end-of-days scenarios.

Make it rain, causing an end-of-days scenario, destroying all Habitat for Humanity houses, and still have enough to diversify your bonds. At least you'd see something fly.

Who Does Anthony Toth Work For?!

It's clear he's fascinated with airplanes, and probably with good reason; they're big, fast and can circle the globe. But while his peers were drawing WWII jet fighter planes, he was enamored with the interior of these machines. Could you imagine devoting multiple rooms to different interests? I wouldn't be surprised if his bedroom looks like a vagina (the inside only!!! Ovary throw pillows FTW.).

I can only imagine that this guy was a nomad growing up; he wouldn't have been able to get around all that quickly, and probably wouldn't have spent a lot of time inside. There really isn't any other way to profile the man they call "Anthony Toth" (try saying it with your tongue out and between your teeth). Seriously, he works for an airline and fantisizes about another, older airline. Imagine a Goldie Hawn/Kate Hudson threesome, with this guy apologizing at the end.

But don't let the spiral staircase fool you. Upon question about his membership into the Mile-High Club, Toth stated, "It's still pending; the members of the better sex still won't let me on or near their landing strips."