Bored To Death

Bored to Death is a show about a sexually awkward young writer, who moonlights as a mildly less sexually awkward Private eye. Along for the ride are his "higher society" alpha male junkie boss, and a Zach Galifianakis.

Just The Facts

  1. Bored to Death is written by novelist/badass, Jonathan Ames; who boxes under the name "The Herring Wonder," and was an extra in the porno "C-men".
  2. The show features a new "Case" every episode ranging from a blackmailed client to a lost skateboard. Either way there is always a hot chick involved.
  3. Jason Schwartzman's band "Coconut Records", plays the theme of the show, a Jazzy mix with Jason on Vocals.

Jonathan Ames - Writer, Lover, Mid-Night Toker. (Thanks Steve Miller)

Played by actor Jason Schwartzman, what more can be said about the lead character of Bored to Death, except that he emulates a little something in all of us. Take every hope you could ever imagine, whether it be a beautiful woman or getting money to solve a adventurous case about missing Semen.

With every awkward moment we have ever had the displeasure of being in, like your first fight or your longest stint with writers block.

Jonathan Ames starts off in the series, looking for a way to get back his girlfriend (Its starts of whinny but turns into more of a pale squeak) and finally finish the latest novel hes been working on. In the end he starts to move on, and takes the adventures and lessons learned from being a Private Eye; to make a new novel about something he loves, rather than something he is forced to write.

Plus I mean he gets to have sexual relations with multiple women along the way, makes a decent amount of money, and goes out to all these crazy social events with his boss. For Jonathan Ames the "Private Eye" Job is just a means to an end.

George Christopher - The Boss, that just managed to tie Fanjariho to the ground. (Thanks Burzum)

Played by veteran actor Ted Danson, George Christopher is Jonathan's boss at a un-named magazine company which rivals with GQ. Out of all the characters in the shows George shows the most development of all of them.

He goes from being a rough, manly, Ted Danson Haired, Company executive; to being Bi-Curious, senstitive, and even showing humility in the season finale boxing match.

*On a side note, you will never see anything more badass than Ted Danson and Oliver Platt crossing wits.*

Ray Hueston - Its Zack Galifianakis, what more do you want?

Jonathan's Best friend in the series played by Zack Galifianakis, is the major Comedy relief in Bored to Death. Heres a few examples.

Ray - "I'll use the voice changer. That way she won't be able to tell I'm stoned."


Leah - "Thats a big word for you, you read it in one of your Comic Books?"

Ray (Crying) - " No, I read it in my diary"


Ray - "When I get high, I realize that I clench my Anus."


Ray - "I'm sorry, I can't tonight. That guy eviscerated me. My penis is totally recessed."

Leah - "What?!"

Ray - "When I was a little kid, I used to like to push my penis in to make it look like it disappeared. Today, it happened all by itself."


Seriously though, Its Zack Galifianakis, what more do you want?