Diabetes is a deadly disease that should be taken very seriously. Diabeetus, however, is one of the funniest things you will ever see, hear, or read about.

Reasearch shows that diabeetus was the aftermath of a nuclear fallout.

Just The Facts

  1. Inhabitants of teh internets do not see diabeetus as a serious disease, as having diabeetus indicates that you are a waste of space with legs, kind of like Dick Cheney.
  2. Diabeetus is a lie, according to the cheeky folks at Rockstar Games.
  3. The American Diabeetus Association awarded Wilford Brimley an award to recognize his service in the fight against Diabeetus.
  4. If John McCain had won the 2008 election, Wilford Brimley would have been Vice President of the United States. Sarah Palin commited suicide upon learning this information.

Cracked on Diabeetus

Next to, say, the HIV virus, Diabeetus is one of the most deadly diseases you can get. Unlike HIV, however, you will constantly be the butt of every joke couresty of your peers. As a 4chan.org meme, it was a major success. So much so that it earned a place on the /b/eatles. It's a great option to start mini-memes and reaction memes.


In 2006, diabeetis.com was created, including pictures, videos, and a few games. Of course, the site is rendered useless by most because it's spelled "diabeetis" and not "diabeetus".

Wikipedia did not take too kindly to Brimley:

This article forever sealed the fate of Brimley as laughing stock of the century.

This article forever sealed the fate of Brimley as laughing stock of the century.

Internet Movie Database says that Brimley was a fan of former president Howard Taft. Apparantly, to show his dedication to Taft, Brimley had plastic surgery performed on him and contracted the beetus in '79 to look identical to him. They took this fact off the site, for some reason.

Even Taft mocks Brimley for having Diabeetus.

Allen Wilford Brimley

Some remember Brimley for his illustrious acting career, appearing in such movies as The Thing and Cocoon. Others remember him as a Marine who served for three years in the Korean War. As for everyone born in the late 1970s onwards, we know him as a supporter for Liberty Medical/Quaker Oats, an overweight has-been whom we laugh at for the misprununciation of the word "diabetes", and as an Ewok in the made-for-TV Star Wars movie Ewoks: Battle for Endor.

His breakthrough performance.

His greatest performance, I must say.

Wilford will die with the knowledge that he was not a respected actor, but rather the butt of everyone's joke.

Case and Point

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I rest my case.