Videogame Development

Video-game Development is the art of knowing exactly how to piss your fans right the fuck off. It also governs the skill to "Bandwagon".

Pictured: Your average day at the office as a video game developer.

Just The Facts

  1. Video game developers often resort to names regarding the apocalypse Ex. "Nukes: The World is Fucking Gone" when developing a game, you should do the same to show off your bandwagoning skills.
  2. The more tits you have in a game, the better.
  3. Refrain from using actual story, you don't want to make your fans bored, do you?
  4. Make sure you have more weapons than you need.
  5. Hype it up! No-one ever got business from actually providing their paying customers with gameplay that matches the trailers.
  6. Should your game end up being terrible, even it out with excessive and unnecesary gore.
  7. Always aim for Mature ratings.
  8. Copy paste from "Halo", "CoD", etc.
  9. Follow these tips and you'll have a "great" game in no time.

So you want to make a video game, huh?

Well it's simple, just follow this simple guide and you'll be reading the same exact thing in "Just the Facts" except with more jokes. But I digress (I've always wanted to say that) It's no lie that vidoe-game developers are a bunch of bandwagoning pricks who's greatest inspiration is always either Pong or Halo. "PALO! The new game from bungie, stop the invading pong balls by using explosions and shit". Really there's not much to it, just follow this guide and you'll be pissing people off from around the globe!