RoboCop is a cyborg law-enforcement officer; a step up from the much dumber ED-209, who could only apprehend criminals by blowing their shit away. RoboCop uses the much more subtle tactic of... Blowing their shit away.

RoboCop: fighting crime and prison over-population in one fell swoop.

Just The Facts

  1. Robocop is perhaps the most awesome murder victim ever, except maybe for the Crow.
  2. Pre-Robocop (Officer Murphy) gets his hand blown off, blown to shit with shotguns, and shot in the head. His partner got sucker punched by a guy who was taking a piss.
  3. Robocop was actually a Christ figure. We have a feeling if Jesus came back as a gun-toting, armor plated cyborg, there would be mass conversions to Christianity over night.

Cracked on RoboCop

RoboCop is everything you could possibly want in a cop, unless everything you wanted in a cop included apprehending suspects and writing tickets for traffic violations. Then you are pretty much shit out of luck.

Details like "being a cop" seemed to have taken a back seat to "urban tank with a built-in brain" when the geniuses at OCP were dreaming him up. We never see him ticket a jaywalker or chastise an old lady for letting her dog shit on the sidewalk. He is more likely to shoot the jaywalker (he was armed) and sucker punch the old lady into the next city block.

When asked if he had anything to say to the kids at home (on TV), he replied "Stay out of trouble." What he meant was "Stay out of trouble, because I don't discriminate. Seriously, I will literally stick a foot up your ass. They will need battery acid to clean you out of my sole."

RoboCop tends to eschew Miranda rights for overt violence, is what we're saying here.

RoboCop and Violence

RoboCop was made to protect the law in a futuristic Detroit, where (much like modern day Detroit) violent crime is a part of everyday life. The mega-corporation OCP (omni Consumer Products) embarks on a mission to restore order; the kind of order that would have had Hitler and the rest of the Nazis sporting wood and sinking all of their money into.

Their first attempt is the Enforcement Droid, series 209 (ED-209). It was a big robot with guns for hands, designed to speak loud enough to be heard over the large caliber bullets he fires out of his fingers.

OCP for "Subtlety"

When ED-209 makes an oopsy and "accidentally" turns one of the executives into hamburger, Bob Morton, a non dead executive, jumps on the opportunity to tell the boss about the RoboCop project. RoboCop was being designed to avoid just this sort of fuck-up; which means he never "Accidentally" kills anyone.

RoboCop, mid-arrest

As Alex Murphy, RoboCop manages to kill two criminals in the first 20 minutes of the movie. John McClain was jealous. Once he becomes RoboCop, he clotheslines a liquor store robber into a freezer, shoots the balls off a would-be rapist, and at one point, guns down a dozen or so guys at a factory packaging cocaine.

If conditions in a city were so bad that you needed to send what amounts to an armored gun into neighborhoods to keep crime down, maybe you should just put snipers on the roof of half the buildings and assume anyone outside is a criminal?

"That kid is walking a dog. I am pretty sure he used the dog to mug someone for that iPod. Taking him down, now."